Import Website Post From Joomla to WordPress

Many of webmasters are using Joomla if any body want switch there website from Joomla to WordPress then they should know how to Import or Move all data of posts, pages and categories even attachments transfer to WordPress.


WordPress is powerful software tool that comes with lot’s of customization and designs you can download our theme Wrock Metro main think it’s free like Joomla.we also discussed Import WordPress To Blogger (blogspot)

ok now First You need to install WordPress on your server then in Admin Panel install FG Joomla to WordPress and Activate it Now.You need get Database name from joomla Admin Panel  under Global Configuration » Server tab or is can be also fount on configuration.php in joomla server root.


After activating the plugin, go to Tools > Import. You will see a list of import tools available for your WordPress installation. Click on Joomla (FG) from the list of available tools.


Before going to next step first Click “Test the Connection” to check connectivity to database server. Now in FG Joomla to WordPress Plugin page in  choose Option to import like posts and attachments under behavior and click Import Content from Joomla to WordPress.After complete process Modify the internal links. you can also watch video for this tutorial on YouTtube our Channel.


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