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Today we are going to show how windows 8.1 is different from windows 8 that’s why i will share hidden features and some tricks along with tricks to make more fun.So let’s get started

1.Advanced Skydrive

You can use SkyDrive app for both cloud storage as well as the File Explorer. Also, improved syncing options are introduced. Just open those PC Settings in the Settings charm yet again, then head to SkyDrive > Sync settings for granular cloud-based options galore.Advanced Skydrive

2.Multiwindow Browser

Now it is possible to use one app with multiwindow. You can access internet simultaneously in 2 windows on a single screen, with the new feature in windows 8.1 with the help of Internet Explorer. But your Internet Explorer must be version 11 or later. Right click on top of the tab and choose “open in immersive mode”, then right-click on a link in IE11, then select Open in a new window to use the feature. Other apps don’t seem to offer multi-window capabilities.

Multiwindow Browser
windows 8.1 hidden features

3.Gesture Control

MSN Food and Drink app for windows is awesome with many recipies and other tips and tricks to make your food or drink delighting and tasty. But your device may get dirty while cooking and using it. You may switch on the Hands Free mode.
You can wave your hands and use the gestures to get the steps of recipies and to navigate the MSN food and drink app. It is really a convinient feature.Food and Drink

4.Reading View in Browser

One of the welcome features is the Reading View which strips the clutter and ads from the article you’re reading and presents the info in a horizontally scrolling format so that you can easily read it.To enable Reading View, open IE in immersive mode and just click the open-book icon on the right side of IE 11’s address barwindows 8.1 hidden features hid4b

5.Restarting Apps is Easy

Dragging apps down off the bottom of the screen in Windows 8, closed them. In Windows 8.1, it only hides them—the app continues to run in the background. If you want to restart an app completely, drag it down until just the top half of it is peeking up from the bottom of the screen. Hold it there, and after a few seconds you’ll see the tile spin around to show the app’s icon. Reboot complete! windows 8.1 hidden featureswindows 8.1 hidden features

6.Updating Apps

You can allow your windows apps to update automatically. This option can be turned on by the following:
Launch the Windows Store, then open the Settings charm and select App Updates. Then turn on “Automatic update my apps” option.Updating Apps

7.IE integration with Mail

Opening links in Mail automatically opens the page in a Snapped version of Internet Explorer 11, allowing you to browse the site without leaving your inbox assuming IE is set as the default browser. One more useful feature added is that you can now drag and drop mail to other folders. (image credits: integration with Mail

8.Customizable Tiles

The size of the live tiles is now customizable and one can set as per the convenience.Customizable Tiles

9.Access Camera from Lockscreen

You can now access the Camera app straight from the lock screen. You can also answer Skype calls and messages straight from the lock screen. windows 8.1 hidden featuresAccess Camera from Lockscreen

10.Quiet Hours

If you’re using a tablet or you leave your PC on 24/7, then subtle chimes or regular notification sounds can become an ongoing annoyance. Windows 8.1 adds a Quiet Hours setting that lets you silence notifications for specific times of the day. There is also an option if you want to silence the calls also. You can use this by opening the Settings charm, navigate to Change PC Settings > Search and apps > Notifications, then scroll down a bit. windows 8.1 hidden featuresQuiet Hours

11.User Friendly Desktop

There are many user friendly desktop features in Windows 8.1. You can choose by: Right-click on your taskbar, select Properties, then open the Navigation tab. Many tools with a pro-desktop bent, letting you disable some hot corners, boot directly to the desktop, and more. windows 8.1 hidden featuresUser Friendly Desktop

12.Miracast wireless display support

You can also wirelessly beam your modern-style apps to another display if both devices support miracast technology.miracast display

13.Photo Editing

The Photos app may have lost its Facebook and Flickr integration, but it has gained a handful of basic photo-editing tools. You can crop images, adjust the focus and color, and add numerous effects within the app editing

14.App sorting

You can choose how to sort the apps in newer version of Windows. There are four categories to choose from: (a) by Name (b) by Date Installed (c) by Most Used and finally, (d) by CategoryApp sorting

15.Start Menu Shortcut

To shut down from the desktop, right-click on the Start button. This will bring up a hidden power menu, then hover over Shut down or sign out to bring up a list of log-off options. Alt+F4 can also be used to shut down.hid15

16.3D Printing Support windows 8.1 hidden features

The 3D-printing support is built into Windows 8.1, so printing real things will be as seamless as printing stacks of paper.3d printing

17.Broadband tethering

If you’re using a PC or tablet that includes mobile broadband, you can configure the device to function as a Wi-Fi hotspot and share your connection with up to ten other devices. Open PC Settings in the Settings charm once again, then browse to Network > Connections. Select your mobile network, then slide the Share this connection option to On. The option won’t appear if the connection isn’t a mobile one.hid17

18.Lock Screen Slideshow

Your monitor can act as a digital frame. Go to the Settings charm and heading to Change PC Settings > Lockscreen. Enable Play a slide show on the lock screen.lockscreen

19.Screenshot Sharing

One can easily share the screenshot who needs to share something happening on their screen. Open the Share charm, click the name of the app you’re using, select Screenshot from the drop-down menu, then click the name of the app you want to use to share it, like Mail or Twitter. windows 8.1 hidden features
windows 8.1 hidden features windows 8.1 hidden features windows 8.1 hidden features windows 8.1 hidden features
windows 8.1 hidden featuresshare screenshot

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