Where YouTube Blocked or No Access?

Youtube banned

Some people might wanted to know where YouTube blocked or no access. Let’s talk about these are the 10 countries where YouTube is blocked for their various regions like video uploaded against their country or targets some special religious thought. Internet is open for all and it gives freedom to everyone but it doesn’t give you right to say anything about anyone YouTube is being blocked by many other countries as well and unblock after some time so let’s our start list.

Here are the some places where YouTube Blocked or Banned by government.

Youtube blocked

  1. China

    Chinese Communist Party Always control the Internet they wants to people search what they want to show their approximately blocked on outside content they have their own version of website to counter them. China uses great Firewall of China to block the Internet YouTube for first time in 2007.

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  2. North Korea

    As we know North Korean leader hate American things they blocked YouTube and whole Internet. Even be own operating system because they don’t trust western system.

  3. Syria

    YouTube has banned in Syria because of Arab spring and civil war started in country, They lifted ban but put it again.

  4. Turkey

    Turkey Banned YouTube too frequent in year 2008 they lift ban and put again, may be soon they lift ban from YouTube again.

  5. Iran

    Iran blocked YouTube and other popular website as well in 2006. YouTube blocked because of a sex viral video.  Then they lift ban in 2009 but again a Islamic movie released on YouTube and it banned again.

  6. Sudan

    YouTube Blocked in Sudan in 2010 because of election.

  7. South Sudan

    They also have same reason like Sudan and an Islamic video.

  8. Pakistan

    In pakistan YouTube Blocked for and Islamic sort video “Innocence of Muslims” and it’s still blocked their.

  9. Eritrea

    They blocked all uncontrolled website which government can’t control over.

  10. Islamic State (Not a Country)

    Yes they blocked not only YouTube but other website as well. And run own cyber cafe which they have control.

These are the some of places where you can’t access YouTube and some other social networking websites. If you know other than these let us know in comment below.


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