Usage of Social Curation Tools – Key Success Factors to Consider

social content curation tools

The advent and growing popularity of social media have changed the way we use the internet. It has also caused online marketers to revamp their strategies and efforts to remain relevant in the competitive industry. Due to these changes taking place in digital marketing, social curation has become necessary.

What is social curation?

Social Curation is primarily the filtering of links and information in a socially optimized way, and it should center around a particular theme. For the most part, social curation is a combination of social media and online curation. However, some experts also consider it as the new-age version of the conventional concept of word of content curation tools

Three important keys -Usage of Social Curation Tools

The three crucial aspects of doing successful social curation are:

  • Right networking and finding diversified sources

After defining an ideal theme, you can next try to find the right sources. To make curatorial stream apt to your target subscribers, you need to ensure originality as well as diversity in your sources. You should also focus on being ahead of the pack. There is no point in being the 500th retweet on a blog.

It is ideal to use a mix of various incoming sources by making curated newsletters a vital part of it. It is worth to add the most relevant news sites, blogs, RSS feeds, and regular media. Incorporating variety is highly critical. It is necessary to be socially curious and active to find the right sources.

  • Be watchful and double-check

Always verify links and comments, and always be selective while choosing posts. The real art of curation is to ensure that you filter and limit the inflow to your readers by giving them the most outstanding content that they would find interesting, informative and engaging.

  • Choose the right platform

There are plenty of curation platforms, and each of them has benefits and flaws. Subscribe to each, but commit to one only after a series of trial and error.

Top social content curation tools

The smartest marketers are those who effectively spend their time on making content wisely to enjoy maximum returns on the spend. So, the primary objective of marketers who are looking for curation tools is to minimize the effort and maximize output. With the right curation tools, marketers can surely achieve this when it comes to the content creation process.

Here, we have compiled a list of free content curation tools that you can try out. As the requirement of each marketer varies, you need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each social curation tools based on your personalized need to find the most appropriate one. The primary categorization of curation tools includes organizational tools, news aggregators, clipping tools, and bookmarking tools among many other purpose-specific content curation tools.

1. Pocket

This tool will help you to save content that you want to keep for future. It could be any content which you want to read, share, or watch later. Pocket can work on any device anytime you want. It can be integrated with about 1500 apps and can also work on almost all devices and platforms.

The top features on Pocket are:

  • Save videos, articles, or merely any other web content.
  • Save directly from the browser or mobile apps such as Clipboard, Twitter, Zite, and Pulse.
  • Once you save the content to Pocket, it can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere even if you are offline.

2. ContentGems

ContentGems is another popular content curation tool that is ideal for professional digital marketers and SEOs. On ContentGems, you can easily access and share relevant content. It is a highly user-friendly and easy-to-use platform.

Top features include:

  • It monitors the top online sources as about 200,000 blogs, news sites, and social media accounts
  • Can filter the results based on your specific keyword search, ideal social signals, and many other custom search combinations.
  • Can share the curated content and commentary to social media.
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and your site with the help of tools like Buffer and HootSuite.

The free package offers two interests, monitoring one Twitter account, daily content suggestion, and 20 custom RSS sources.

3. Juxtapost

Juxtapost is another popular content curation tool, which helps the users to keep track of web content with its useful bookmarking feature. You can save content into its categorized pasteboards and then curate them easily. Content marketers can ideally make use of the social discovery of Juxtapost to browse the stream of other members to identify the most popular content. Juxtapost is lately proving to be one of the most powerful curation tools as content marketers always want to follow members in their specific niche.

Key features of Juxtapost:

  • Tool for postboard collaboration.
  • “More Like This” button to shortlist all similar posts without viewing different pages.
  • Feature to export all the posts, links, description to an excel sheet and keep it saved for more efficient content planning.
  • The option of preview zoom to review the content in detail on the browser itself.
  • Instant sharing on Facebook or sending directly to a mail address.

4. Learnist

This tool helps to organize images, text, audio, and video. Learnist offers an ideally curated web, video, and print content covering various topics. Expert content is accessible at the users’ fingertips to do faster content curation.

Learnist features

  • The boards of Learnest are curated by the thought leaders in different subjects.
  • You can create custom learn boards based on typical topics of choice, and keep track of the content.
  • Keep all relevant content in one place for easy access anytime.
  • Easy sharing of Learnist boards with others for effective collaboration.

A few other free social curation tools widely used also include Kuratur, Storify, Flipboard, and IFTTT (If This, Then That). It is worth using all the tools on a trial basis to see how each works for you.

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk is a leading social networking and SEO consultant, running a website He used to publish many articles on the latest and upcoming technical aspects of digital promotion.

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