Unlock Huawei EC152 TATA Indicom Photon CDMA Modem

Today we have tutorial on Tata Indicom currently names as Photon USB data card is product of Huawei model number EC152 CDMA  modem to unlock or upgrade this product you need to Firmware and Dashboard files link to them provided in this post. If you have any problem to unlock that you should try to downgrade them so it will goes to default mode. Before proceed you should read how to unlock any huawei modem with firmware also try Use SIM in Any Modem Without Unlocking

 Before you proceed please note we are not responsible for any kind of damage if happen try this method on your own risk. We provided this tutorial best of our knowledge 

Requirements of tools for Unlock Huawei EC152:

  1. Firmware Update for Modem Huawei EC152 get here
  2. Huawei Universal Master Code Calculator Check here
  3. IMEI Number Of the Modem.
  4. Dashboard for this modem if required download here

Firmware Updating Method Unlock Huawei EC152 :

  1. Firstly Download All the Things Required for this Process.
  2. Now run the Firmware Update which we Downloaded. The First Screen will appear like this.

Just Accept the Terms And Conditions and click On Next.

Step 1
Step 1

3. Now the setup will search for the device for which we need to update the firmware and as it searches the screen will appear like this.

Step 2
Step 2

4. Now as search is done it will show every details about the modem which is been plugged in. Click on Next it will Show a warning screen.Now Click on start and start the Updation Process.


Unlock modem

Step 4
5. Now it will ask to insert password for updating the Device. Here you have to input the Flash Code generated in the Huawei Code Calculator.
step 5
6. Now Click ON Next and wait until it Download And Install all the programs required. As it is Done it will show a message as Update Success.
7. You are Done. Now You have Updated Firmware for your Modem.


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