Unlock Any Huawei Modem with Firmware Update

Huawei Modems are great  portable modems that will help us to gain high speed internet connection while traveling as well when we are at work location.we are going to discuss Unlock procedure of Huawei Modem. A Plenty of Huawei Modems are coming to market day by day. Almost all cellular carrier providers now days sell  huawei modem with their 3G internet Plan at affordable cost.but some how customers not satisfied with their modem provider cellular so, you can shift to other carriers with unlocking huawei modem.
Here is the procedure to unlock Huawei Modem. procedure remain same only firmware will be changed. Lets say if you want to unlock huawei modem e220 the you need to download huawei e220 firmware from our pointed links.

This Entire Unlocking Procedure for Huawei Modem will remain Same. Only huawei firmware update exe will chnaged based on your model.

You need to follow following points and download huawei modem unlocking software before proceed.

Make sure that your  huawei modem is detected on your computer.
You must download huawei firmware and should be saved on your choice of folder on your PC. For Example If you have  huawei modem e220 then you should download huawei modem e220 firmware Update.
Write your huawei modem  IMEI number (IMEI number is a 15 Digit number you will find printed on the device)
Download Universal Master Code.exe -huawei modem unlocker to generate your huawei modem unlocking codes

Steps to Follow for : Huawei modem unlocking

Click on Universal Master Code.exe after download (modem unlocker).Run huawei modem unlocker and it will be like following screen. Enter your  15 Digit IMEI number as shown in the below screen and generate your Unlock Code and Flash Code.


Note down your Unlock code and Flash Code on Paper for a While.

  1. Now you can connect your huawei modem to desktop or Laptop computer. No need to remove SIM CARD from Modem.If you remove it then not an issue.
  2. Once your Modem detected on your USB port.Run  your compatible huawei firmware update.
  3. Let say you are unlocking E22o  then you simply download and run E220Update_11. file and it will automatically detect modem and start processing as shown in below screen.

A post On free huawei  firmware downloads. All


After Upgrading your modem,it will be prompt for the unlock code. Here you have to enter FLASH CODE as your password or unlock code(Try with entering one by one) . Your huawei modem is now unlocked successfully.

Note : You can Download and install Huawei Mobile Partner Software – A latest  version will run on any windows Based operating system from Microsoft. Meanwhile if it will asked for Password/unlock code then,use your unlock code you have generated in the step 1(You Wrote it on Paper..right 🙂 ? ).

Hope you enjoy huawei modem unlocking tutorial, now you can unlcok  any huawei modem by following above procedure.Just make sure, You have to downalod your Compatible firmwares.

My Next post will be on huawei firmwares that will show list of huawei firmware for download. Feel free to ask Any problem about unlocking procedure, I am here to help you with that. looking for your feedback via comments

List of All Huawei Modems:

B960,B970, D100, E122, E150, E153, E1550, E1552,  E1553, E1556, E156,E158,E160,E161, E1612, E169, E1690,  E1692m, E170, E172, E173, E1731, E1732, E177, E1750, E1752, E1756, E176, E1762, E180, E1820, E2010, E219, E220, E226, E230, E270, E272, E367, E372, E510, E583c, E5830, E5832, E5832s, E585, E612, E618, E620, E630, E660, E800, E870, E970, EC121, EC122, EC1260, EC1261, EC1262, EC150, EC152, EC168, EC226, EC321, EC325, EM770, ETS2205, ETS2208, ETS2222, ETS2258, K3520, K3565, K3715, K3765, K4505, R201, UMG169, UMG181, UMG1831


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