Unlock Any Huawei Modem with Firmware Update

Huawei Modems are great  portable modems that will help us to gain high speed internet connection while traveling as well when we are at work location.we are going to discuss Unlock procedure of Huawei Modem. A Plenty of Huawei Modems are coming to market day by day. Almost all cellular carrier providers now days sell  huawei modem with their 3G internet Plan at affordable cost.but some how customers not satisfied with their modem provider cellular so, you can shift to other carriers with unlocking huawei modem.
Here is the procedure to unlock Huawei Modem. procedure remain same only firmware will be changed. Lets say if you want to unlock huawei modem e220 the you need to download huawei e220 firmware from our pointed links.

This Entire Unlocking Procedure for Huawei Modem will remain Same. Only huawei firmware update exe will chnaged based on your model.

You need to follow following points and download huawei modem unlocking software before proceed.

Make sure that your  huawei modem is detected on your computer.
You must download huawei firmware and should be saved on your choice of folder on your PC. For Example If you have  huawei modem e220 then you should download huawei modem e220 firmware Update.
Write your huawei modem  IMEI number (IMEI number is a 15 Digit number you will find printed on the device)
Download Universal Master Code.exe -huawei modem unlocker to generate your huawei modem unlocking codes

Steps to Follow for : Huawei modem unlocking

Click on Universal Master Code.exe after download (modem unlocker).Run huawei modem unlocker and it will be like following screen. Enter your  15 Digit IMEI number as shown in the below screen and generate your Unlock Code and Flash Code.


Note down your Unlock code and Flash Code on Paper for a While.

  1. Now you can connect your huawei modem to desktop or Laptop computer. No need to remove SIM CARD from Modem.If you remove it then not an issue.
  2. Once your Modem detected on your USB port.Run  your compatible huawei firmware update.
  3. Let say you are unlocking E22o  then you simply download and run E220Update_11. file and it will automatically detect modem and start processing as shown in below screen.

A post On free huawei  firmware downloads. All


After Upgrading your modem,it will be prompt for the unlock code. Here you have to enter FLASH CODE as your password or unlock code(Try with entering one by one) . Your huawei modem is now unlocked successfully.

Note : You can Download and install Huawei Mobile Partner Software – A latest  version will run on any windows Based operating system from Microsoft. Meanwhile if it will asked for Password/unlock code then,use your unlock code you have generated in the step 1(You Wrote it on Paper..right 🙂 ? ).

Hope you enjoy huawei modem unlocking tutorial, now you can unlcok  any huawei modem by following above procedure.Just make sure, You have to downalod your Compatible firmwares.

My Next post will be on huawei firmwares that will show list of huawei firmware for download. Feel free to ask Any problem about unlocking procedure, I am here to help you with that. looking for your feedback via comments

List of All Huawei Modems:

B960,B970, D100, E122, E150, E153, E1550, E1552,  E1553, E1556, E156,E158,E160,E161, E1612, E169, E1690,  E1692m, E170, E172, E173, E1731, E1732, E177, E1750, E1752, E1756, E176, E1762, E180, E1820, E2010, E219, E220, E226, E230, E270, E272, E367, E372, E510, E583c, E5830, E5832, E5832s, E585, E612, E618, E620, E630, E660, E800, E870, E970, EC121, EC122, EC1260, EC1261, EC1262, EC150, EC152, EC168, EC226, EC321, EC325, EM770, ETS2205, ETS2208, ETS2222, ETS2258, K3520, K3565, K3715, K3765, K4505, R201, UMG169, UMG181, UMG1831


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  1. i have unlocked it but still it is not registering other sim card of providers like bsnl,voda,airtel,, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlp

  2. Pls kindly help me generate the 15-digit unlock code of a MF190 ZTE modem with IMEI no: 865156017175336. Thanks in anticipation.

  3. Pls kindly help me generate the unlock code of a Huawei E173Cs-1 modem with IMEI no: 863791010317279 according to new algo.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  4. huawei e1552

    i cant upgrade my firmware, after searching of device the clicking start they ask for password to continue.

    i know the unlock code of huawei but still i cant unlock. i tried many method of unlocking but im still unlucky.

    please help if you have an idea. just sent me email if ok for you.
    thanks in advance.

  5. not working..
    i know already the unlock code of my huawei e1552 but still i cant unlock because the dashboard are not asking unlocked code when i insert another simcard. i did the manual unlocking but they gave me error.

  6. I opened the Huawei EC156 cover and found QR Code image on the chip cover. I decoded the image and found a 16 digit code. What is the use of this code? can this code unlock the device?

  7. could u please tell me how to unlock my aircel huawei e303s modem..??
    Please generate the unlocking code for this modem
    imei 867648011736152
    pls. Post me i have only 2 attempts left..!!

  8. While trying to unlock i accidentally install mobile patner in my Aircel Huawei E303s modem… After that it was not detected by my system.even after installing mobile patner it won’t showing… while trying to change again its software none of my port detecting the modem. please tell what should i do… i m in big trouble even can’t able to use aircel sim in it..
    imei :867648013503329
    s/n: U9CBYA9281824002

    • i don’t think bcoz mobile partner this problem was happens it like a theme this is driver problem my advice is try to use your modem in diff. PC as i always say some times our pc got errors so if modem will work in another pc then use you system restore to prevent these error If still you have problem reply me again.

      • port problem solved by using original aircel default software but fails to unlock modem.. i hv searched google but not able to get the solution to it…is there any possibility to unlock this modem.. other modem of different series can easily b unlock but this modem can’t able to unlock..if anyone knows truely not fake to unlock this modem… really needs help!!
        Aircel Huawei E303s!!
        imei :867648013503329

  9. I am using huawei modem EC156 i am not able to generate 15 digit iMEI NUMBER instead i got GSN:802c0d2d . h elp me

  10. Pelase can you help me with de Unlock code for a Huawei r201 Vodafone-Spain?

    IMEI: 352664040084508

    Thanks a lots

    Yours sincerely,

  11. Thank you very much, tomorrow morning I try this codes in the office with Windows as I have a Mac in my house.

    One more time, thank you very much.

  12. Hi again;
    I tried to enter a NCK code in a Datacard Unlock but the two codes (Old and New) are invalid codes and now I only have 1 more try to insert a correct code, please can you confirm which is the problem?

    Thank you very much in advance for your collaboration.

    Yours Sincerely,

      • hiiii

        I need same help

        my modem details:

        IMEI: 869836002229182
        Model: E587u-2
        the provider: Viva kuwait

        many thanks in advance

  13. pls i am trying to unlock huawei modem E1752 movistar modem i have tried to unlock but it does not register any other network. pls help

  14. I have a ” RELIANCE NETCONNECT+ EC159 ” dongle and i want to unlock it. please provide me relative software procedure. If you send me those software and procedure then i will greatly thankfull to you.Please send me of my email address.
    [email protected]

  15. plz, can any one tell me how to unlock reliance huawei ec159 .i have goe through all web site but no use plz plz tell me

  16. Pls help me. i have install the mobile partner on my E5331 but i cant get the correct unlock and flash code the setup is requesting. IME is 860667012838095. Thanks in advance

  17. Hey Sandy..
    thanks alot
    It works properly…my EC156 is unlocked
    Now how i use this as a modem for GSM sims like bsnl, voda, idea…..Plz help me out… im unable to use internet through sim

  18. hi sir! please help me to unlock my huawei e303s modem and my 10 counters are over what shall i do next please ! please ! please! help me.



  19. please send me the trick unlock of huawei e173cs-1
    i have the following detail
    IMEI CODE 863791011552528
    NEW UNLOCK CODE 31784473
    OLD UNLOCK CODE 42703052
    FLASH CODE 34908454
    but i have lost my all 10 attempts please send me hash key of my modem.
    i will realy need it reply as soon as possible

  20. sandy i had huawei mobile broadband,still i dont know its imei number,how to unlock my modem sir pls help me
    FCC id:QUISEC159

  21. Hi,

    I have a branded modem from Australia, I would like to unlock it, so that I can use any sim card for internet. My IMEI number is 860667017214516. and modem model is Huawei e5331

    Appreciate an early response.


  22. i am not able to find my ec122 imei it is not written on modem

    please help me to unlock it

    its meid is A000002DAD3F157

    pesn is 809BCA05

    S/N is HIA9MB1142344131

  23. Dear Sir,

    i have a relince EC150 modem & i need your help to unlock this device.

    please support. MEID No is A000001A2AE2C3

    best regards,


  24. i am using hunwei ec159 reliance net connect+ modem.but i am not statifi this i want to change other network like airtel,’s possible& how to it’s possible.

  25. Sir
    I have E303C data card.Recently I purchased Vodafone HG553 wireless router. It only detects E172. Can the firmware of E303C be replaced by E172.
    Thanks in advance.\nPlease reply.

  26. i have reliance net connect+ HUAWEI MOBILE BROADBAND modem with details,

    MODEL : EC159

    MEID : A000003670E0F0

    RSN : RHWCDD290112686

    S/N : F7Z9MA1271420137

    SKU : CDHW13Z1

    FCC ID : QISEC159


    MY ID IS : [email protected]

  27. unlock my Airtel E1731(Huawei e173cs-1) modemhi sir,
    Please help me to unlock my Airtel E1731(Huawei e173cs-1) modem and my 10 counters are over what should i do now? please ! please ! please! help me.
    IMEI: 863791010162683
    Calculated Codes…
    UNLOCK CODE : 57300549
    FLASH CODE : 40813696

  28. Sir i have rel netconnect EC159 ..pls tell me the req. Unlocker software nd is firmware updation is required????
    Plz rply soon

  29. hello sandy i want to unlock my reliance netconnect+ modem.can it possible,if possible please provide the ulocking modem details area:
    FCC ID:QISEC159MEID:A0000036A5B408

  30. Hi dear sir
    i need for Universal Master Code soft i work in etisalat sim company
    if u direct me to how can download free soft from google?

  31. i have one airtel dongle model no.-173B-1 and the serial no. is 354369048374236.i cannot find its firmware help me how can i get its firmware update.
    pr das

  32. i did a mistake during enter flash code once so it says update failure . the next time i put correct flash code but it does not updating showing update failure message,what can i do now help me..

  33. i was upgrading the firmware huawei e160 but unfortunately the speed down to be 3.6,, formerly the speed is 7.2..
    how to solve this problem?? could you help me???

  34. i am haveing mts zte 2766 and i want to use my mts sim card in it but it is not working in it If u could help me so i will be highly obliged & my number is +91**No Mobile Sharing**

  35. hi I have accidentally update huawei e353 HiLink modem with E303HiLink firmware update
    now modem not work it didn’t detect. please help me what can i do to fix my modem

  36. i am using airtel 3g modem
    imei no:354369049162747
    s/n no:8CABYA92A2410275
    Firmware VERSION :23:
    software version: fakiro

    pls tell me how to unlock

  37. Hi Dude,

    I have TATA Photon HUAWEI EC156 modem , I need to connect the Airtel network on this ,

    Can you help me?

    Model: EC 156
    FCC id QISEC156
    MEID : A0000036EF98C8

  38. hai..
    i have tata docomo photon plus modem but i lose in built sim so how to unlock the modem give me suggistion and process

  39. dear sir dc unlocker ask me the username and passwor for 4 eur money…to unlock my huawei ec159 modem ……can u help me sir

  40. Thank you
    I’ve just upgraded my Huawei E587 with the last firmware E587, unbranded ! So this method is suitable also for this model.

  41. hi sir

    could u please send me the unlock code for huawei k3770 modem which is locked with vodafone network.the imei no is:860030017223666.

    thanks in advance

  42. Hello brother….
    i tried several ways for unlock and flash code for my Huawei ec 152 could you plz tell solve the code bro…
    my MEID: A000002DDACCA8
    waiting for u reply….. Bro…

  43. Hello brother…
    in the total process in unlocking ec152 modem there is no use of dashboard software but in requriment shown as dashboard “if required” can u elaborate and use of it in unlocking?
    waiting for u response bro…

    • Some times modem comes with locked firmware, you can unlock it via upgrade or download grading the software of modem. Before you loose access to everything on modem it’s better to download all files related to modem.

  44. Yes brother….. I downloaded all the files related to modem but not get accessed for update due to lack of unlock and flash code….. I tried several ways but didnot get. could you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. Provide it for unlock and flash code of Huawei ec152 modem of MEID: A000002DDACCA8
    plzzzzzzzzzz… Brother…..

  45. Yes brother i downloaded all files related to huawei ec 152 modem but lack of unlock and flash code i didn,t done…
    plzzzzzz brother could you provide the unlock and flash code for huawei ec 152 MEID: A000002DDACCA8
    WAITING for your reply….. Brother….

  46. sir, in the process of unlocking huawei modem E303h-1.. IMEI:8555029249793.. error code 10 occur.. kindly help me since now it is recognized while it reads as Cd drive(G:)…

  47. hi
    i have a Huawei E585 3G modem .i updated it and unlocked but now it do not know mobile network and show this massege “No Network”..please help me

  48. sir I successfully firmware updated huawei ec315 modem. and i using relince cdma sim but Internet not connect it’s show NO INTERNET ACCESS error message.. Please tell me solutions

  49. modle e153 u
    imei no 869604009381285
    unlock 38794309
    plz help me i want to use an other network sim card .abdul wahid from pakistan

  50. hi sir i have huwei ec315 i m try to unlock it via frimwar with fwt configration tool but the app file dosnt downlod on it, now then dont show auto run and no any other thig. plz sir detail me correct frimwar and friware link and tool i use it for frimware , thanks sir

  51. sir mere pass ec315 hai jo yahan ptcl pe thi meny usy unlok krne ki koshish ki to wo bilkul kuch bhi show ni kri hai plz help

  52. i have an unlocked tata photon cdma dongle. now when i am inserting a reliance cdma sim in that the network is showing as full but it cannot be connected. can you please help?

  53. sir i bought a huawei tata DoCoMo photon+ modem .

    My Question is this modem is usheed any GSM survise…

    If it done… So can i do plz sir ans

  54. hai sir pls help me.. my huawei modam is need unlock code want. pls code culclete. send me. IMEI;867648013301328 and MODAL; E303S S/N; U9CBYA9281814634 PLS HELP ME my cont FB ID; ramkumarllb .WHATSAPP;8608136073

  55. dude please help me to update my d-link 157 3g modem…….please send me the solution my phone….97169097096 or my e mail id…..plesase bro help me….thanks in advance..

  56. Hi I have a Tata photon Max wi-fi & its model no is EC315
    MEID is A0000049D73951.
    Can u plz help me with this?

  57. Hi. Iam using Airtel E1731 modem, itz been unlocked through DC-unlocker. But stiil I can’t use other sim to surf. Please help me out.

  58. Pleas after updating the firm of huawei e153 the modem could not be detected by any computer or laptop!
    Sorry for replying to an old post

    Thank you

  59. Dear Sir ,
    plz provide unlock software link this model no EC 159

    HUAWEI Mobile brodband
    model ec 159 Fcc id :QISEC159

  60. Hello brother….
    i tried several ways for unlock and flash code for my Huawei CE 0979 could you plz tell me
    IMEI CODE :862454028055883
    MODEL :E3531s-1

  61. Sir I Have TATA PHOTON MAX huawei ec315 i want unlock and use other sim on it. how to unlock it any suggestion for me

  62. Helo Sir,
    i unlocked the huawei ec156 modem but upon inserting tata photon default software is installed. now how to access internet when reliance sim is inserted, and will i get the same high speed which i was getting from tata connection previously.

    thanks in advance.

  63. Sir
    I have huawei ec315 wingle. I download framework EC315_Update_11.
    from its official website. start update and unfinished with error 10 failed find port.
    Now my device is seems like dead. when I inserted not detected nor blink its LED light.
    How I get back my older ver or update???
    Sir plz help me

  64. I have done this step as provided by you above but while downloading updates it will shown an error that”updating version c is forbidden”.
    What can I do for unlocking this data card.

    Model no. E1731

  65. Sir i had huawei ec 159 model i succeed in unlocking but after plugged in again it goes to rest please help me out Meid no is A0000036606C1E

  66. Hi. I want to unlock my PTCL evo huawei ec178.
    I can’t find imei or emid nmbr on it. It has


    Thats all it have written on. Please guide me.

  67. Please provide me the hole process to unlock Huawei EC315.
    Email Or Post It Here If Possible
    I will be very thank full to you


  68. Device: Huawei EC315 (MTS BRANDED)

    MEID: A00000495DEFE7

    Hi, I have huawei ec315 (MTS locked)
    i’m trying to use a cdma sim card in it (ruim only)

    please help me how to unlock it.

    i have already run firmware updater but i has only changed the default login page. (Firmware Updater code: 52861419 given by kamlesh bhai)

    can you help me out to unlock it.

  69. Hi I have a Tata photon Max wi-fi & its model no is EC315
    MEID is A000005513FF90.
    Can u plz help me with this? and which software i want to use for this?

  70. Hello Sir I try my best to unlock my huawei 3G evo but I failed every time
    Plz help me.
    My evo details are following.
    Huawei model EC178-5
    S/N: G8ZDWA9332522916
    MDN: 232309483
    I am waiting for your reply.

  71. Sir I have relince huawei 1260 modem I want unlock It when I update firmware error is ,,”the version check failed .update can’t work on it ,.” Please help me

  72. i am seeing these continuous problem related questions and a great people solving them. Many many thanks to your team. As like other i have same problem for unlocking my reliance netconnect huawei ec150 cdma modem if anyone has a solution then please share with me .especiallY I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE A REPLY FROM “SANDY”.
    If u please mail me the solution on my email i will be thankfull to u dear.

    • Hello abhishek, Some times it’s very hard to crack CDMA modem because company always comes with new update of software and algorithm but we can just try to solve it. Also mobile repair serice center have some of great tools and updated software you can try there as well.

  73. I+have+huwei+wifi+connect+E8231.+i+was+upgrading+the+firmware+in+the+mean+while+i+unpluged+the+modem.+when+i+plug+it+again+in+the+pc+it+was+not+dected.+please+tell+me+the+solution.

  74. Dear sir i have tata indicom cdma fixed wireless phone (HUAWEI ETS2205 )
    i want to use other network sim card in this phone please tell us it is possible .

  75. I could see that you and your team is providing solutions to many questions posted, Many thanks to them. I have a problem in unlocking my Airtel 3G Huawei E8231s-1, if anyone has a solution do please share/mail to me and will be very thankful.

    Model: E8231s-1
    IMEI: 862869021964494
    S/N: Z9XBY14725020206

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