Turn On Off Wi-Fi hotspot in Nokia Lumia


Nokia Provides it’s great Lumia phone series that Comes with Windows 8 OS installed on it to compete Apple and Android systems.As we know Nokia is first company that provide cheap mobile phones everyone know mobile name means Nokia a quality product but mistake by it was not sense the demand of time upgrade where Samsung beats everyone now. Nokia Lumia Provide best camera  and other facility but user still have some problems with it’s some of features how to use them like WiFi enable and many other features now How Turn On Off Wi-Fi hotspot in Nokia Lumia but read our this post for How to enable or disable wifi in windows 8 laptop pc

Use your phone as Wi-Fi hotspot

1. Find “internet sharing”
internet sharing in nokia lumia
  • Slide your finger left on the display.
  • Press Settings.
  • Press internet sharing as shown in above screenshot.

2. Turn on Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Press the indicator next to Sharing to turn on the function.

WiFi hotspot setting in windows phone 8

3. Select settings

  • Press setup.

4. Enter name

  • Press the field below Broadcast name and key in the required name.

5. Select security settings

  • Press the field below Password (minimum 8 characters) and key in the required password.
  • Press the confirm icon.

6. Establish connection

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on the other device.
  • Find the list of available Wi-Fi networks.we also post how to transfer file vie Bluetooth in Nokia Lumia mobiles
  • Select your phone on the list.
  • Follow the instructions on the display to establish a connection to your phone.
  • When the connection is established, you can access the internet from the other device.

7. Exit

  • Press the Home key to return to standby mode

You are done now enjoy internet with your friends there are many options in windows phone that hard to operate. Hope you like this and read our thread Make Laptop PC to WiFi Hotspot Windows Share Internet.


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