Turn Off App Notification in Android – Any Application

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Recently I was irritated by some of my phone app which makes sound by showing notification but there is no option to disable or turn off app notification in app setting there is another great option to uninstall it but those are some of important application so I can not do that. So finally found a way to do this.

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How to Turn Off App Notification in Android

  • Select which app notification you want to block
  • Now go to Menu > Settings
  • In Settings look for Apps
  • After that it shows list of apps available within your phone click on app you want to disable notification
  • Now after opening app > notification (currently it should show normal)
  • Change it to block all or disable Allow Peeking


With this same way you can re-enable app notification on your phone. Also you can watch video tutorial guide on how to block notification

If you have more information on this topic please share in comment, I’ll always try to posts new tips and tricks for everyone.

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