Transfer file Via Bluetooth in Windows Phone 8 [How To]

Windows Phone 8 as Nokia Lumia series included high speed Bluetooth 4.0 into their devices but many of user like me don’t know how to use it because in old phone Bluetooth appear on every file that you want to share but in Nokia lumia first you need to turn Bluetooth on than file ca share. After android Windows mobile phone become popular with Nokia Lumia 505, 510, 520, 610, 620, 710, 720,800, 810, 820, 822, 900, 925, 920, 928, HTC Accord, Rio , Samsung ATIV S, ATIV Odyssey but because of security some features like File manager and  Bluetooth Transfer to send file have been disappear today i will show you how to send file via Bluetooth in wp8 (windows phone 8).

Now Steps to Share File Via Bluetooth:

This tutorial also on video watch on YouTube

Step 1: In your Nokia Lumia or Other WP8 mobile Go to Settings then Open Bluetooth settings from menu as shown in below screenshot. we also provided a tutorial How to create playlist on Nokia Lumia windows phone


Step 2 : After that Now Turn on Bluetooth this is should be on because without it  Bluetooth option will not appear while sharing file now Bluetooth option show in share we also share Turn On Off Wi-Fi hotspot in Nokia Lumia

bluetooth tranfer in wp8

Step 3 :Now Open any Photo or music File that you want to share and click on […] the click share

Share option in Nokia Lumia

Step 4: You will get now get Bluetooth option appear in Below screenshot Bluetooth show click on it and send file on any device.More about Windows phone will we shared soon about tips, news and updates.

Bluetooth option in Windows phone 8

That’s it all device in Bluetooth range will be appear then select anyone your file will be transfer to that device not this is not working on music video in player but works for photos and audio as well as camera video that you captured now enjoy Bluetooth file Transfer in Windows phone 8 (wp8)  hope you like and share this on Facebook any question please comment. 

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