Top 7 Tips to Increase Mobile Phone Battery Life 20%

boost smartphone battery life

How to Increase Mobile Phone Battery Life

From this article you will learn how to increase your smartphone’s battery life easily.You will no longer have to search for power socket every day. By disabling unused application and wireless network which may be running in background can be Increase Mobile Phone Battery Life.

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Lower your screen brightness.

Increase Mobile Phone Battery Life
Adjust brightness

The most important thing to do to save battery life is to lower the screen brightness.
To set the brightness: Go to settings, Sound and display settings ans set the brightness.
Set the brightness to halfway or lower, or turn on automatic brightness.

Battery By Turn off Bluetooth and Other Wireless

boost smartphone battery life
Turn off Bluetooth

Lots of people forget to turn off Bluetooth after sending music to other phones, but Bluetooth drains the battery very fast.
In order to have longer battery life, turn it off.
To turn it off:

  • Go to settings,
  • Bluetooth or wireless & networks, then
  • turn off Bluetooth.
  • Or just slid notification bar from top and disable bluetooth this is way to Increase Mobile Phone Battery Life

Make sure other

Turn off GPS Navigation to Boost Smartphone battery life

Turn off gps if you are not using GPS for navigation. Only turn it on if you need to use it for navigation.
To turn it off:

  • Go to settings,
  • Location and security and
  • turn off “Use GPS satellites”

Use static wallpaper

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Live wallpapers look cool, But unfortunately using animated live wallpapers drain your battery quickly,so in order to boost battery life, use static image wallpapers instead.

Use Wi-Fi instead of 3G and 4G.

Cellular internet, like 3G, 4G, and EDGE use more battery than Wi-Fi.
So if you can, always use Wi-Fi instead of 3G, and 4G. When you do not use internet at all, turn off Wi-Fi, and cellular internet too.

Close apps that are running in the background.

Close the applications, that you are not using to save battery life.
In iOS, double tap the Home button and swipe up the apps to close the applications.
In Android, tap the most right button of the screen in order to close the applications.

Use a portable charger.

Increase Mobile Phone Battery Life
Nowadays you can buy very cheap and very good portable charger for you smartphone. You charge them at your home, and when your battery goes low, you just plug your phone in. Follow above tips to Increase Mobile Phone Battery Life these might effect at least 20%.

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