Top 10 Best AC Brand in India Spit or Windows Air Conditioner

While purchasing air conditioner we always ensure which is best in quality and service so today we talk about Top 10 Best AC Brand in India that you should choose and what should prefer spit ac or window ac. There are many air conditioner company having more sales than other because of long range of products and cheap price which is matter to lower middle class family according to budget.

We cannot say that all of AC or bad if a particular company because this depend on various factors flight numbers of product sold by a company and service quality for example if a company selling too much then this is normal that 1 of 2 unit may be defective and do user review their product and Diu by based on the rating now on service quality this is obvious that large number of product of a company may we delay in Service and know number of its product will get more quick and good quality service.

Top 10 Best AC Brand in India Spit or Windows Air Conditioner

Today I am going to tell you which is best brand according to its quality of materials and in service some of the company provide most reliable AC many of people are saying that just installed them and no need to worry for lifetime.

Top 10 Best AC Brand in India

1. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi electric provide best and heavy duty air conditioner even some of O General AC are using mistubishi compressor because of their quality but we know quality comes with high price tag yes you have to spend more for mistubishi air conditioner this is a Japanese company and it is value for money if you have more first and then go for it.

2. O-General

O General air conditioner all the best in current Indian market because they are wrapped up and simply the best even many of customer are saying that they haven’t any program in life time with general AC this company is also based on Japan but we don’t know that original service centre is available in your area or not but their service quality is good up available in the area and you are willing to spend a little bit more then go for general AC.

3. Hitachi

Hitachi another Japanese based company providing good quality product. Hitachi selling more air conditioner in India then mistubishi and general because it have slightly lower price then both of them

4. Daikin

Daikin is also a good and world class air conditioner there comes with approximately same price tag as Hitachi but we don’t know about service quality some of users are complaining that service is not available in the area please make sure if there is service centre then you can choose this one as well.

5. Voltas

Voltas is selling much more air conditioner than any other brand in India because of cheap rate and good quality this selling too many products and have very low defective we know some of users are complaining on Internet about their Air conditioner but because of large number they only few percentage you cannot judge a company by these review just check your recommendation is air conditioner requirements and choose any of above using price. Now we arrived half in our Top 10 Best AC Brand in India list.

6. Carrier

Carrier AC’s are also good the product they are providing looks nice and simple in looks. Carrier is known for ventilation and home cooling. Offering a wide range of air conditioning systems, including central and split units, Carrier is one of the most renowned air conditioner brands in the industry.

7. Sharp

We don’t have too many users with sharp ac by according to my research almost user are satsified with sharp airconditioner this is also Japanese brand.

8. LG

LG Life good company known as best quality products but in recent few years my of it’s customer are complain about air conditioner provided by LG and it looks they are loosing ground on it. But many are completely satisfy even when I went to LG showroom salesman try to sell me LG product even in cheaper rate. But we should not forget that LG  provide much more features than many of other in our list.

9. Whirlpool

Whirlpool in an american brand which is selling it’s AC, refrigerator and washing machine within India. THis company also provides beautiful and wide range of it’s air conditioner.

10. Blue Star

Blue Start is an Indian based company which is also provides best class AC units in many of countries. Have very less complains but service issue and other customer review pull in down to number 10.

Window AC vs Split AC

If you are thinking that window AC or split AC are completely different in cooling and power then you might be wrong because the only different in both of them is available as options and price tag. Also it has seen that window AC power consumption is much more than split AC with same configuration. But there is no difference in cooling and other factor of AC except space requirement. If you have available space for window AC I highly recommend to install it because the price difference between split AC and window AC is about 5 to 10 k this is huge difference and both provide same cooling.

Choose your Air Conditioner Online

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These data provided by me after researching over Internet and asking from some of Service guy in my city. You opinion might be different and even product on my list may perform much different please read this topic as a reference and also don’t forget to provide your opinion in comment section.
There is no number 1 and number 2 all companies promising that they are number one to tell customer but when you purchasing an ac consider the factor like price service and weather in your area.
Please tell us your experience about air conditioner that you have seen or using also name your air conditioner you are using currently in comment section.


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