Three Of Spring’s Biggest PS4 Releases

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With June just around the corner, we only have so much time left until we can devour the spoils of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Until we get to see what Sony has in store for us at the 3-day convention, we’ll stick with the most recent spring releases making waves in the gaming world. Though just three of many titles out now, we’ll take a look at the top games we’re excited to play this spring.


Those of you who have played The Last Guardian might notice some similarities between it and RiME. The game follows a young boy who, through stubborn ingenuity, must solve puzzles in order to escape an island and a curse. The third-person action-adventure game is set in an open world environment that encourages you to explore your surroundings. In fact, the environment itself is a kind of character in RiME, as its geography, climate, and daylight affect gameplay mechanics.

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While you endeavour to break the curse and escape the island, you’ll have to interact with your surroundings in order to survive. The isometric RPG requires you to prepare for your days on the island, so you’ll be hunting and gathering during the day while improving your fighting and defence skills at night. That is, of course, when you aren’t busy solving puzzles, exploring ancient runes, and revealing your character’s mysterious backstory.

Battalion 1944

While most games boast alien invasions, futuristic technology, or fantastical worlds, Battalion is a refreshing turnabout in terms of content. Bulkhead Interactive, the Derby-based developer, has committed to bringing the realities of war to modern gamers in their infantry-based FPS. Their team took pains to research the Second World War extensively so they could create an accurate portrayal of WW2 warfare with period accurate weaponry and locations. Their attention to historical detail is complemented by a visually stunning game, using asymmetrical maps and physically based rendered characters to create an immersive combat experience.

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The competitive online multi-player shooter brings the game back to basics, like what we saw in classic shooters likeCoD 2 and Medal of Honor — both games that took raw skill to master. Rather than outfit Battalion with time-based unlocks and overpowered abilities, Bulkhead has ensured a fair battle ground with built-in anti-cheat features and balanced weapons to ensure the focus remains on your accuracy as a shooter. Set along the Western Front, you’ll play as an Allied soldier navigating real-life battle locations of France and Belgium, armed with a Thompson, Kar98, and other weapons of the age.


Last but certainly not least is Prey. The hype surrounding this particular title was huge, especially since our excitement had since 2012 to percolate. Roughly 5 years ago, Human Head Studios and 2K Games took on Prey as a sequel for another game of the same name released in 2006. Since then it changed hands to ArkaneStudios and Bethesda Softworks, who nixed the idea of creating a straight-up sequel and developed a reboot.

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The developers amputated most of the story and features of the original to arrive at a refreshing sci-fi FPS. Prey follows a human experiment that wakes up on a seemingly abandoned space station. As you play the game and explore your surroundings, you realize how wrong your first assumption is as you encounter a hostile race of aliens set to take you out.

Though the plot doesn’t sound particularly new, its execution is impressive. Fans of Arkane will recognize the care the developers have put into its world building, as its environment and musical accompaniment create an oppressive atmosphere that has you second guessing your surroundings.

No doubt Prey and Battalion 1944 will get your heart racing as your explore your environments and combat the enemy. It may be hard to keep your cool as you attempt to keep a tamp down on your anxiety, and even the bravest gamers may experience some sweaty palms after an hour or two of playing either game.

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For every minute you keep your controller securely in grip, you’ll have a better chance at surviving those aliens or Axis Forces bent on your destruction. Trust us, it’s a much better way to play the most anticipated titles this spring and beyond. 2017 is gearing up to be a great year for PS4 games, so there are plenty more titles in your future once you’ve mastered the three on this list.

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