Show Send to Bluetooth Option in Right Click

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Here is How to show Send file via bluetooth option on Right Click in your Windows 7 , 8 or XP there are two method one add shortcut on Right click or second method use Registry to show Send to bluetooth option both will work for you. we also provide Video tutorial Subscribe to YouTube Channel

Method 1:

  • start > type into run “shell:sendto
  • Create a shostcut “C:WindowsSystem32fsquirt.exe

bluetooth shortcut

  • Give any name it like “Sent or Receive File via Bluetooth

send to

  • Now Right Click on any Music or text file >Navigate Send to > you can see bluetooth file transfer option here

Method 2:

  • Go to Start > type “regedit
  • Navigate to Computer >> HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT >> * >>shell
  • Right-click it and select ‘New‘ and then ‘Key
  • Rename the key as ‘Send to Bluetooth‘ without quotes.
  • Right-click the Send to Bluetooth key, click ‘New’ ‘Key’.
  • Rename it as ‘command‘ without quotes.
  • Select ‘command‘, double-click ‘Default‘ to the right and type value data as “C:WindowsSystem32fsquirt.exe” ‘%1” (copy and paste it from here).

registry blue tooth

  • If you want an icon added to the context menu, select ‘Send to Bluetooth‘ key and right-click in the empty area to the right Download Icon File Here bluetooth icon.
  • If you want an icon added to the context menu, select ‘Send to Bluetooth’ key and right-click in the empty area to the right.
  • Click ‘New’ ‘Expandable String Value’; rename the key as ‘Icon’.
  • Double-click ‘Icon’ value and type value data as C:Usersyour usernameDesktopbluetooth.ico


  • Close the registry editor.
  • Right-click any picture and Send to Bluetooth option will appear in the context menu.

Icon has been added it will show if not then in some time after retart

Video Tutorial:

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  1. Hi,
    I follwed the method 2, but after completion it is showing error as specified path not accessable and require permissions

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