Should you always buy mobile insurance from your carrier?

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Should you always buy mobile insurance from your carrier?

Hey there, do you always bow down before your mobile phone? Well, that’s bad for your spinal cord. Likewise, don’t try to bow down before your phone all the time, especially in the crowd. You never know who would unintentionally push your arms and your phone drops off. You might have your instincts running and saying to way, “Oh kido, don’t worry. Your phone’s alright.” But, while you lift your phone you find, alas! Is that your screen or a spider web!

That’s the best-case scenario. Let’s not talk about what if your whole phone gets stolen. In both cases you have to either repair your phone or buy a new one, thus spending your hard-earned pennies for no mistake of yours! If these sorts of feelings often haunt you, then why don’t you go for handy mobile insurance policies that will give you long term coverage.

Why a mobile insurance policy? Why not repair or buy a new one?

For starters, a mobile insurance policy lies in the fact that after all replacements are very costly. However, you may have to pay a deductible to claim your money, it’s far less than the expensive repairs or replacements. You simply can’t buy a new phone again. But, there’s a catch here – your insurer might try to fool you by sending a refurbished model for you. So, study well about the policy you are opting for.

Don’t you try to displace your anger at someone else, when your fav smartphone starts malfunctioning? Some good mobile phone insurance policies are there in the market that offer reimbursement of claims ranging from your smartphone getting lost, stolen, malfunctioning, or even suffering irreparable water damage. Did you know that each year, almost 80 million phones get lost, stolen, or damaged? This exorbitant rate of 2.5 phones every second can exclude yours if you make the right call and that too at the right time.

Moreover, the bonus lies here – filling a claim is super easy, and also peace of mind matters. Now you can easily stand at your balcony and talk on your phone for several hours without getting warning calls from your family members. After all, in India, you are ultimately going to enjoy super phone call services! Now, get going in your normal mood with your handy piece.

Checklist to ensure you get the right deal

What if your total deductibles equal or even become more than the amount you actually paid for your phone? For instance, you may get an iPhone X through EMIs. You might even manage your mobile insurance premium. But, would you really pay a deductible of $275 on breaking your iPhone’s shining screen!

This is where you need to actually revisit your idea of getting mobile insurance from your carrier. As a matter of fact, your carriers rely on third party companies for getting your phone insured. So, if by any means, you have a bad experience with your carrier and you finally decide to get rid of him, you simply would lose a lot. Rather, it’s always good to get your insurance from companies.

On the top of that, you have literally zero control on your replacement. So, you might end up getting a refurbished model or even a hybrid phone made by fusion of old and new stuff. Besides, most of the carriers put a ceiling on the number of claims you can make annually. For instance, some carriers cap it at two or three annually.

How holistic is your mobile insurance plan?

What you get simply depends on your insurance provider’s will or wish. Although carriers or third-party subscriptions are new, they often turn out to be secure. Despite, some do feel that coverage is less, why not look at the long list with your own eyes!

Generally, this category of insurance plans covers the following:

  1. Manufacturing Defects: If something goes wrong, that’s certainly not your fault but you must keep backups. Let your insurance plan do the needful.
  2. Battery Replacement: No one is immortal. Nor your phone’s battery. The more you use your phone, you need to charge more. And, it gradually loses the ability to hold power any longer. Your policy will replace a battery upon your request.
  3. Loss or Theft: Did someone swipe your phone? Or did you lose it? No worries, just pay your deductible and receive a replacement instead.

If you turn out to be lucky enough or get a good insurance provider, you might even get other types of protections like accidental damage protection or water damage protection.

So, don’t take any risk to hospitalise your phone after it meets with an accident. Let alone you might even have to bid farewell to your phone, anytime. So, get your phone covered with an insurance policy.

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