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How to Save Bandwidth on Mobile Data 2G/3G/4G

Guys, as the prices of data plans are hiking and every operator applied a limit to the data plans, How to Save Bandwidth on Mobile Data 2G 3G 4G.  it is very important to save data from draining while you are on 2G/3G/4G (any mobile network). You have the limit on mobile data and want to utilize as per the plan and caps.
Here are the tips and by using them you can save the maximum possible data.


Save Bandwidth on mobile data


wp-square1. Using a light browser

Instead of using Google Chrome or any inbuilt browser, use a light browser. Opera browser is the best alternative for browsing as it uses very very less data compared to your browser. UC browser is efficient for downloading because it have resume support and no need to re-download a file if it is interrupted in the middle.


it_photo_213457_522. Updating system and mobile apps on Wi-Fi only

Download and update of Mobile Apps takes high amount of data transfer. Try updating your system and apps over Wi-Fi only. This will help you to save bandwidth on mobile data 2g/3g/4g.



2nd-HOME-Android-App-Drawer3. Uninstall or disable apps you don’t use

Social apps like Hike, Whatsapp etc. send and receive  data on regular intervals. Uninstall or disable them if you don’t use. Also, if you have Facebook app then don’t use the Facebook Messenger app as they both shows if you have new message and both will consume bandwidth.




call4. Avoid Video calls on Mobile Data

Video calls takes 6 times bandwidth compared to the voice calls or VoIP. Use video calls only on Wi-Fi network and you can save a large amount of bandwidth.




mobile-cloud-enterprise5. Turning off Cloud Services

The cloud services eats data while they upload or retrieve the memory. Turn off the features like automatic photo upload. Or synchronize only if you are connected on a Wi-Fi network. Most of currently available smart phones like Androids, iPhone and windows phone have this facility inbuilt to backup your phone memory.




karbonn-sparkle-v-first-look-image6. Avoid video streaming

Video streaming on internet websites like YouTube takes most of the traffic, therefore, avoiding streaming of videos over mobile data saves you mobile data and hence a lot of cash. If possible use small size or low quality video steam into your mobile.


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