PHP Url File Remote Uploader No Size Limit [Script]

Url uploading script for webmaster

Remote Upload :When there is a transfer of data from a remote system to another remote system, the process is called “remote uploading”.

Here is the simple PHP url uploader working fine with no setups.An ultimate solution to upload much faster. Just browse, select and upload :

Here is the screenshot of uploading page :

Url uploading script for webmaster

First download this php script.
Simply upload the file to your web host and unzip.Then open the index file in folder URL Uploader in webhost. Change permission of “files” folder to 755 or 777 if required and also set size of file into script.
Now you can start uploading file remotely from any site or server this script could be use to transfer data from one website or hosting to other also if above does not work then just try below script:

Copy below code and paste in notepad then save it to index.php or any thing else then upload to your server also put URL of file download in line $url = and access file by opening below script path in address bar for lager file my advice is compress them parts.

define('BUFSIZ', 4095);
$url = '';
$rfile = fopen($url, 'r');
$lfile = fopen(basename($url), 'w');
fwrite($lfile, fread($rfile, BUFSIZ), BUFSIZ);

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