Online Jio 4G Barcode Generator Manually

Now you can use generator to generate Joi 4G Sim bar code online without with any 4G device or app installation just enter code random number and you will get bar code It’s easy and free after suffering problem like code already redeem many user complain but no one listen because nobody care here is solution for them. But if you pay to shopkeeper then they randomly enter code without asking phone bar code.

Online Jio Barcode Generator Manually Generate

Just enter need to enter code manually to generate bar code and take a screenshot with you. This code doesn’t mean  guarantee that it work because it’s just informative post not Jio service.

Other method to get bar code in Jio app for all 4G phones

  • Install My Jio app (if you are lucky then find it here)
  • Install all 10 Jio apps listed in My Jio app
  • Switch off your data connection and Wi-Fi
  • Close all Jio app that might be open in background
  • Open My Jio app
  • The app will show an option to “Get Jio SIM”
  • Tap on “Get Jio SIM”
  • On a separate page it will show an error that there is no internet connection
  • Switch on the Wi-Fi in your phone
  • Go back to the My Jio app and tap again on “Get Jio SIM”


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