Make Songs Playlist in Nokia Lumia – WP8 [How to]

Create playlist in windows phone 8 If you to play some selected songs or define categories to music then playlist is easy and best option but in Windows 8 Phone this might be little complex it can done via PC and mobile so we discuss today about playlist in Nokia Lumia or any other windows based mobile like Samsung, HTC, or any other. Also Read our old topics like Bluetooth file transfer & WiFi Hotspot in Lumia handsets.

In Android and other OS based mobile it’s easy to make playlist. also you can Watch our YouTube Video Tutorial for this.Here are some simple steps to to do this.

Create Playlist in Windows 8 Phone:

Step 1: Open Music Player in windows phone then Select any Song (hold finger on it) and “add to Now Playing”  [open it via …]

Add to now playing

step 2: Now song added to your Now Playing list > press back and tab to history play your added song “that you added now playing song” it will visible to you screen first song like below screenshot.

music history in wp8

step 3: Your song is playing playing After that Pause the song and click on tab […] in bottom right corner >then save as playlist. I know many of tried to create playlist while playing any song but it add all songs to your playlist but that not way to create playlist so just follow these steps and ask Microsoft to find out and give us better way to do this.

songs in windows phone 8

step 4: This that your playlist will going continue so Give the name to Playlist as you want and save it by enter button but you can’t rename it later.

playlist in nokia lumia wp8

If you want view you playlist go back to music then tap to playlist your playlist is ready to use like below screenshot.

step (6)

How to Edit Songs in your playlist vie PC:

Connect your mobile to PC with USB cable Open mobile drive from my computer then navigate to your music folder Note it will show in phone > music > playlist. Playlist is hidden folder so you need to enable view hidden file options in my computer from view tab then check hidden items (if you are using older version of windows the Tools > options > Folder option or something like this here you can find option to show hidden files watch video for more) also if you add more songs in Now playing then more will add from mobile without computer use.

Nokia lumia windows songs playlist


Hope it works for you if you need more help then reply comments. don’t forget to follow our YouTube page.

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