Top 8 features introduced in iOS : New iOS 8 features


new ios 8 features

While Apple launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on Sept 17, it also unveiled iOS 8. So,let us take a look at the top 8 tips, tricks and nifty features that may attract you. Here are some new iOS 8 features detailed:




1. Recover deleted stuff

If something is get deleted in new iOS8, it can be recovered easily. Apple has added the new “Recently Deleted” folder.This folder keeps the apps you deleted lately and you can recover. It also keeps old videos and photos that will be automatically deleted after a certain time.

recover deleted stuff in iOS82. Hide your pictures

Want to hide your private videos and pictures? The new iOS 8 gives you this option. The user can tap on a photo and hold it down.Then tap hide under shortcut options to hide that. But the hidden objects are not visible in the Moments, Collections and Years view, and will be visible in the original album.Hide photos in iOS

3. Siri integrates Shazam

Siri is not only smarter now, but also has a taste for music.
You simply need to ask Siri “Which song is this?” and it will use Shazam to recognize the tune.

4. Siri goes hands-free

Siri feature ios
hey siri feature ios

Siri is now hands free and need not to tap home button. This feature was originated in android. You have to say “Hey Siri” and it will pop up.
This feature is useful when one is driving and needs to use their phone without touching it. But it will work only when your device is plugged into a power outlet.

5. Credit card scanning

It is most convenient storing of credit card details. While filling credit card details on websites via Safari, users will see an option “Scan Credit Card”. Camera will pop up when you tap the option with the indicator that will show you where to scan credit card. However, the pin is needed to be entered.

new ios 8 features
Credit Card Scanning in iOS8

6. Detecing battery eating apps

The users now can detect which apps are draining out their battery charge. Users have to go to Settings >

General > Usage > Battery Usage.

IOS 8 Bettry status


7. Self-timer

As the craze of selfies is increasing all over the world, this is a welcome feature for Apple users. iOS users now have the option to run a timer for the camera to take pictures three seconds or 10 seconds after setup.

The phone’s flash glows for each second lapsed and once the timer is ready to click it clicks burst shots. Thus, the users can choose from various shots.  new ios 8 features

Self Timer in iOS8
Self Timer in iOS8

8. Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling is also introduced in newer iOS which will allow iOS 8 users making free phone calls when connected to a Wi-Fi network. This is convenient when a carrier’s signal is low.

Wi Fi Calling in iOS8
Wi Fi Calling in iOS8

However, it will need carrier support and hence usability is not really in Apple’s hands. In U.S., T-Mobile has revealed that it will offer support for the Wi-Fi calling feature. Verizon will bring it in mid-2015. AT&T says that the support will be offered “sometime” next year.

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