Install Windows 8 From USB Pen Drive Make it Bootable using Tool

Here are many people are wasted there time to find correct way to install operating system from USB flash drive now don’t worry in this topic we will introduce some useful and working methods to install any version of operating system (OS) on pen drive.

Method 1 install any version of Windows OS (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2003, 2008 and other) using Bootable USB Drive:

free available software tools that can prepare USB Drive in few steps.

You need following tools:

  • Windows DVD or ISO Image
  • Virtual CD Diver (use demon tool)or any Optical drive emulation software
  • WinToFlash tool
  • USB Drive (min capacity = 4GB)

Before we start it’s assumed that you have inserted Windows DVD in Optical Drive or mounted Virtual ISO DVD Image try many tools available on internet. WinToFlash does not require installation it’s a portable application Download the ZIP file and extract it. Execute WinToFlash.exe and open Andvanced Mode tab shown in picture below.

Chose OS type

In Windows Path, Browse the Path of Drive where Windows CD / DVD is located. It is generally the emulated drive or the real drive where DVD is inserted. Set the Path of USB where Pen drive is inserted and Press “Run” Button.


Windows may warn you about Formatting USB stick so, continue with it and at the end of process, you will have Bootable USB stick of Windows.

Now, Enter BIOS and set First Bootable device as USB to start installing Windows which is exactly similar to how you did it using DVD.

 Watch Video Tutorial for install windows 8 from usb Drive:

Method 2 Using Commands and Tools Install Windows 8 From USB

Before that, the pain of burning the downloaded ISO file on a videodisk or on a USB pen drive to urge the installation prepared additionally makes it a killing task. we have a tendency to shall show you the way you’ll be able to relax and luxuriate in the entire options of Windows eight on your existing laptop while not hunting any of the higher than cumbersome exercises and run the new software package in but [*fr1] the time.

This the way to can reveal the installation of Windows eight on any USB storage and so running the software package directly from the USB drive, itself. you may not have to be compelled to undergo any of the painful set-up procedures that the set-up installer asks, whereas putting in Windows eight on your laptop. All you would like to try and do is transfer an easy utility, a 16GB or higher USB storage drive, the Windows eight ISO file, WinRAR archiver and your existing laptop. Before we start, we’d such as you to grasp that employing a USB pen drive can answer, however since the speed of a daily USB pen drive is incredibly sluggish, we have a tendency to advocate exploitation Associate in Nursing external USB storage drive.


Step 1 Use Tools extract it


To begin with, assumptive you’ve got a laptop that already has Windows seven running and WinRAR put in, extract the file ‘install.wim’ from the Windows eight ISO file exploitation WinRAR. This file are settled beneath the folder ‘Sources’ and is around 2GB in size. Extract it to the desktop. currently act and transfer a small five hundred K utility, referred to as ‘GimageX’ from the ‘’ and extract the file to a folder on your desktop. This folder can have each the 32-bit and 64-bit utility. select the suitable one looking on the software package that you just area unit already running on your laptop. Now, before we have a tendency to use the utility, we’ve got to organize the USB drive for putting in Windows eight. confirm you’ve got all of your knowledge saved from the drive, as we’d have to be compelled to clean out the drive fully. Proceed ahead once prepared.

Step 2 CMD


Plug-in the USB drive, anticipate a moment, if the drivers don’t seem to be nevertheless put in and let the system acknowledge the new drive. currently begin the Windows electronic communication and sort the subsequent commands one once the opposite as given below:

  • Diskpart (This built-in utility will help repartition and format the new drive)
  • List disk (This command will list all the drives present on your system. Note down the drive number of your USB drive)
  • Select disk # (Replace the # with the drive number that represents your USB drive in the list)
  • Clean (This command will wipe the entire partition table of the USB drive)
  • Create partition primary (This command will create a primary partition on the USB drive)
  • Select partition 1 (This command will select the primary partition for the rest of the process)
  • Format fs=ntfs quick (This command will quick format the primary partition in NTFS file format)
  • Assign (This command will assign a drive letter to the new partition for Windows to work on)
  • Active (This command will make the partition active to enable booting)
  • Exit (Closes the DISKPART utility)


Now that the drive is prepared for installation of the new software package, begin the GimageX utility and click on on the tab ‘apply’. within the supply field, specify the ‘INSTALL.WIM’ file, that you earlier extracted from the Windows ISO file. within the destination field, choose the USB drive letter that you {just} just got prepared. Let all the settings within the remaining fields be untouched and hit the ‘Apply’ button. GimageX won’t extract the contents of the Install.wim file, that contains the required Windows eight folders and system files on the USB drive. Note: This procedure ought to take a number of minutes and can rely upon the speed of your USB drive.

If you’re employing a regular pendrive, then the time taken are longer than on any two.5-inch external USB storage drive. Once done, GimageX can show that the method is complete. Exit the GimageX utility and begin the electronic communication once more. we tend to currently have to be compelled to build the USB drive bootable so as to run Windows eight from the USB drive. For this, we are going to have to be compelled to specify a command from the electronic communication window. Run the subsequent command as below.


Step 3: Select Path for Windows

Bootsect f:windows /s f:

In the command higher than, F: is that the drive letter of the USB drive wherever the Windows eight files are extracted to earlier by the GimageX utility. bear in mind to exchange the drive letter of your USB drive, consequently. This command can take a number of seconds to transfer the mandatory booting files to the USB drive. Once done, you’ll be able to quit from the prompt.

Step 4 Copying You Data:

That’s it! close up your computer, get into the BIOS, change booting from the USB drive and restart the computer. Your computer can currently boot from the USB drive directly into Windows eight. All that’s required within the next step is to specify the serial key and provides details, like username and secret. Windows are going to be up and running in no time and install the mandatory drivers within the background. you’ll be able to currently plow ahead and set up Windows eight, as you would like and install all of your software system and applications, as you’d on a replacement computer. All software system and applications are going to be put in on the USB drive by default, unless fixed with a distinct path.

Step 5


Make sure you have got an online affiliation set-up for your computer, if you’re victimisation your Microsoft Live (Hotmail) account to be coupled together with your Windows eight installation. Once done, you’ll be able to merely close up, disconnect your USB drive and acquire back to your older software with none trace of getting Windows eight put in on your computer. you’ll be able to plug-in this USB drive on the other computer and have Windows eight running on it computer.

How to Make All in One Windows DVD Install:

stepwise method to create your own Windows 7 All In One ISO so get ready for it.

Tool Required-WinAIO Maker Professional (FreeWare): This tool does all the hard work for you and all that is needed is the relevant 32bit and 64bit ISO images and obviously a legitimate serial key upon reinstall.
WinAIO Maker Professional is a portable application and requires .NET framework 3.5 but that is included with Windows 7 so it’s not gonna be a problem.Download From Here

After Downloading Extract the Folder and Run WinAIO Maker Professional v1.3.exe.

Then this window will appear-


Now Click on AutoAIO, Check the Image below:


Steps to do now
1. Create a new folder in any Drive, Make sure you have at-least 15GB of space in that Particular Drive, Select that Folder.
2. Select you windows 7 x86 ISO File
3. Select your windows 7 x64 ISO file
4. Tick that “Enable x64 Recovery Mode” check screenshot and follow it.

After doing all this now Click on Start Compilation and let it do its Work, Wait for 15-20 Minutes, It will extract both the Images and will Merge them in single one and you will find your Windows 7 All In One ISO in selected folder now you are ready to Burn it to DVD or USB Drive.

My Windows 7 All In One ISO image, Just created-

The other option on the Main interface worth a mention is the WinToUSB button which can write an extracted Windows 7 image onto a USB stick, Extract your AIO Windows 7 ISO using WinRar or ISO2Folder function of WinAIO Maker Professional, Check screenshot below-

Click on Extract it will take some time and extract all the contents of ISO to the Selected Folder, Now Insert your USB (PenDrive) and Click on “WinToUSB” Button, Then select that Folder where you Extracted the AIO ISO File, Check ScreenShot Below.

This Process will take around 15-20 Minutes, it will turn your USB Drive to Bootable Windows 7 USB Drive, Now wheneva you want to ReInstall your OS then just Insert your Bootable USB, Boot through it and Install your Favorite edition of windows 7 x86 or x64.

Note – You may also use Other Working methods to create Bootable USB or DVD as you like, I like CMD (DiskPart method) for creating bootable USB and InfraRecorder software to create bootable DVD, 8GB USB Drive or DVD will be required.

Method No. 2 (Easiest):

Create “Windows 7 AIO ISO” is the easiest and old method to create Windows 7 All in one ISO Image, Any one can do it easily without any problem, It takes only 2 minutes to create Windows 7 AIO ISO.
But there is one little Disadvantage that you can have only x86 or x64 version of all editions in one go, In above method you get all editions in both the Flavors of x86 and x64 but in this method you will get All editions of Windows 7 either in x86 flavor or x64 flavor as per your choice.


  • Windows 7 ISO file 32Bit (If you want all editions in 32Bit) or 64Bit (If you want all editions in 64Bit).
  • ei.cfg Removal Utility (Optional, Download attachment)

So here are Steps to do this-

  • Simple method (Using ei.cfg removal utility) :
  • Download ei.cfg Removal utility from attachment or given Link
  • Run it, Browse and select your ISO and click on Open, You are done, A Little windows will Pop Up and tell that ei.cfg has been Removed.


  • Now Burn your ISO to DVD or USB and Install your Favorite edition of Windows 7

2. Manual Method :

  • Extract your Windows 7 ISO to any Folder (If you have already extracted then its Good)
  • Broswe to /Sources/ Folder and Locate ei.cfg file
  • Delete ei.cfg File
  • Now repack and Burn it, Use above given method to create bootable USB from this Extracted Folder.
  • Boot from USB, Select your favorite Edition, Install and Enjoy.

This is the Easiest and Less Time consuming method and works fine also.


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