How to Introduce Disabled Students to a General Education Class

With e-learning becoming popular, most theory lessons are easily covered online. The tutors can give one to one lessons, classroom lessons, video lectures etc… that one can attend from their home. There are special job oriented training courses as well which one can take up part-time or full time. These can help you get your dream jobs without burning a hole in the pocket. Not only that, the trend of taking help for online classes is eventually increasing too. They are meant to take notes for you from daily lectures so you can get some help to prepare for the actual exam.

All this does not require people to attend physical classes and is like an equal treatment to all without letting the discrimination of abled and disabled person come in. However, some lessons need students to attend physical classes that cannot be completed from a distance.

Disability is not inability. It is for this reason that education institutions are today are embracing the idea of general classes. However, it might not be a smooth sail for the disabled students to start with the general classes, mainly if they are used to having separate ones.

If you are looking to introduce the disabled students in your institution to a general education class, it is worth noting that it is not a one-off thing and it will take time before the idea infiltrates into your system seamlessly. That means that there will be lots of planning to do, training for the teachers and so on.

If you are looking to make this transition, here are a few tips for you.

1. Lay some ground rules

Remember that this whole process looks to prepare the students in general education for their new members. Therefore, you should make it clear for everyone that it is vital that everyone feels included.

This will go a long way in ensuring that the disabled students have a sense of belonging the moment they set foot into that class. Also, your general class students need to understand that everyone is different, meaning that people have different strengths and weaknesses and that does not make them less of anything.

2. Eliminate myths

There are many myths surrounding disability that affects the way people view the ones with disabilities. It is essential that you dispel them. Eliminating such misunderstanding will give the student a smoother stay. Such myths include that physical disabilities determine a person’s capabilities in light of intelligence. The other myth that needs to be put to rest is that there are disabilities that are intrinsic and cannot be seen.

Myths may differ, with communities. You are in a position to tell the common myths concerning disability in your community and bring truth to light.

3. Talk about famous people and the people you know living with a disability

Why should you highlight them? This is with the purpose of creating inspiration among the students. They need to know that people with disabilities are making a significant contribution to society too.

That will, in the long run, help them view the students with a disability equally capable.

4. Encourage the students to live as a community

One of the most important things to do as you prepare to introduce the disabled students to a general education class is to foster a mindset of the positive community. Respect is paramount. Make the students understand that each one of them is expected to have respect for their classmates.

This goes all the way from instilling in them the use of appropriate language and social skills. Ostracism, which refers to the act of excluding someone socially should be discouraged.

5. Disability awareness lessons will do

When all has been said and done, it is vital that you also introduce disability awareness lessons to your students. Will it be helpful? It will play a significant role in how the students will be interacting with each other at the end of it all.

Note that the lessons will be able to equip the students with knowledge regarding the different types of disabilities that the students have. Also, in the process, they will be able to dispel the misconceptions that surround people with various disabilities.

Creating a comfortable environment for disabled students is essential. You should therefore not be in a hurry to introduce them to the general class. Take time to put everything in place to make the transition successful.

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