How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with new design it’s screen more like a mobile phone I’m using windows from starting it’s great experience color design and improved PC performance also you can say as upgraded version windows 7 after fail it’s Vista operating system but less competitor of Microsoft in computer OS it win where as Apple has high price so everyone can’t effort.

Now comes to point to get best viewer experience you need best screen resolution it’s various for LED monitor, TFT and laptop screens also depend of size of screen higher you have resolution better you get picture quality.

For the best view in screen you need prefect resolution for it may be it’s a desktop or laptop there are many ways to change but today we will discuss 3 diff. ways in windows 8 but from same location I recommend to you install graphics driver on you system to get more options and easy to operate.

Change Screen Resolution Steps:

Method 1: Step one in your PC right click on desktop screen and click Screen Resolution like below screenshot option 1 and Change here


Now a window will open you can Change Screen Resolution as your requirement many old desktop monitors support 1024×768 and laptop support 1366×768 but you can adjust accordingly.


Method 2: Now try diff way if you have installed graphics driver then choose option two “Graphics Properties” in right click show in above picture if it’s a Intel driver then ask to enter mode choose Advance Mode and click OK.When Windows 8 makes drastic change to your display, it gives you 15 seconds to approve the change by clicking a Keep Changes button. If a technical glitch renders your screen unreadable, you won’t be able to see or click the onscreen button. After a few seconds, Windows notices that you didn’t approve, and it reverts to your original, viewable display settings. Here also you can find option to change your screen resolution.NOTE: Graphics driver could be install from CD comes with you system or download from motherboard company’s website.

Also watch a Video tutorial to change screen resolution:

Methods 3: Open “control Panel” then click and open “Appearance and Personalization” in “Display” click “Adjust Screen Resolution” and change here as you want. it’s done enjoy

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