How to Backup Messages from Galaxy S10 to a PC

Messages are our lifeline because many important conversations are shared and recorded. To make sure that you don’t lose your valuable text messages on Galaxy S10, you need to make sure that the data is backed up on a regular basis. The only problem is that backing up messages is not always as simple as it sounds, which is probably why one of the biggest reasons people don’t do backups is that they think it’s a complicated task. The only way around this problem is to use a tool specifically designed for this purpose, which is what we’re showcasing here today.

TunesBro DroidGeeker

TunesBro is a well-known name in software development, with an amazing portfolio of tools for data and password recovery across the Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS ecosystems. TunesBro DroidGeeker is an Android Manager application designed to help Android device users manage their data in the easiest way possible. Aside from the backup feature, it can also transfer files of all kinds between device and PC, and even root your Android phone or tablet in just one click.

The backup & restore option allows you to backup all your messages either locally or to an external storage device, but that is recommended for taking a full backup of your device’s data. If you only want to move messages, the Transfer module can help make it even easier. The software is divided into several individual modules that can execute a variety of functions including recovery, repair, backup & restore, unlocking, erasing and rooting. The Transfer function is the one you will be using to move your messages from Android to PC.

How to Use TunesBro DroidGeeker to Backup Galaxy S10 Messages to PC

The software is thoroughly tested on more than 2000 Android devices, which means it is reliable and safe. Your data will not be touched during the process, which makes this software application quite unique in its category. Just follow the steps below to move all your messages from your Android smartphone or tablet to your PC.

Step 1: Download TunesBro DroidGeeker from Tunesbro and install the application by following the on-screen instructions in the installation wizard. We’re doing this in Windows, but if you have a Mac, then you can download and install that version from the home page.

Step 2: Connect your Android device using the original USB cable that came with your phone or tablet. This is important because not all replacement cables are capable of handling data transfers. Also, make sure that USB debugging is enabled on the device.

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Note: To do this, go to Settings > About Phone and look for the Build Number. Tap it seven times until you see a message that you are now a developer. Go back to Developer Options and tap on it. Enable USB Debugging in the next page and dismiss the alert by clicking OK.

Step 5: In the software window, choose My Device. This will take you to a new page, where all the data on your device will be neatly listed by category. Click on SMS on the left panel. In the center panel, you will now see all your conversations. Clicking on each one will show the conversation thread in the right-side panel.

Step 5: You can now select all conversations or just specific ones. Once you’ve made your selections, click on the Export icon and select Export to Computer or Export to PC. If you export it as text or html, you will be able to open and view the data in Windows Explorer. For now, you can specify the directory in which you want to save the message backup.

That’s pretty much all you need to do to get a full backup of your messages or just save the ones you want to retain. But now we must ask the question: why take a back up at all?

The answer is simple: there are any number of ways in which your data could be lost, corrupted or otherwise unavailable to you. You might lose your phone or damage it, it could get bricked permanently if you were trying some advanced rooting activities, it could be hit by a virus like ransomware, and so on. In all of these cases, you need a copy of your data so you can retrieve it later without problems. That’s the whole purpose of doing backups, anyway. By making sure that a copy of the data resides in a different location, you avoid the trouble of losing it forever.

Moreover, when you have a tool like TunesBro DroidGeeker at your disposal, it makes the job easy to do so you don’t tend to put it off until later. The worst thing you can do is postpone it and then suffer for it when your data goes missing or is damaged.

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