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Hidden Motorola G3 Tricks – Phone Secret Codes

Motorola G3 Tricks

The Moto G (2015) is possibly going to be the hottest smartphone in the budget smartphone segment in developing countries like India and Brazil for at least the next few months. Considering the performance that the handset is able to deliver at a price point of only $200, this should not really come as a surprise.
However, if you are looking to further improve the experience of using your third generation Moto G, check out our list of the top tips and tricks for the handset below.

Motorola G3 Tricks

1.  Dial *#*#4636#*#* for Motorola testing menu and Information.

Motorola testing menu2


2. Taking a screenshot Power+ Volume Down Button best

3. Twist around to open camera – You can take picture with earphone button as well Best Motorola G3 Tricks

Moto G camera
4. Shake phone to open LED light double shake again to stop it awesome Motorola G3 Tricks  unnamed
5. Double finger from top to down slide to open complete notification panel (Motorola G3 tricks).

6.Start the camera with a gesture is a one of Best Motorola G3 Tricks

7. Transfer your contacts, messages and images


It possible to transfer contacts, messages, pictures and music from an old Android smartphone onto the Motorola G3 Tricks.First open the app in the new device and select ‘Transfer data to this device. Then, in the old device, select ‘Send data from this device.

8. Water Resistance:-

Moto G3 water-proof-

One of the neatest new features of the third-generation Moto G is water resistance. It gets you IPX7 weatherproofing, meaning you can submerge the phone in water at 1m depth for 30 minutes.

9. Use the Moto app to stop the phone from annoying you at night:-


The Moto G has a neat feature that let you silence the phone automatically at certain times, meaning you don’t need to flick down the volume when you get into bed(Motorola G3 Tricks).

In the Assist section of the Moto app, you’ll see a Sleeping section that lets you choose the hours you want to keep the phone silent. As standard it’s set to 11pm to 6am, but you can choose whatever you like.

10.Use Assist for auto Cinema silence


Assist goes a step further, though. You can set locations too by flicking around a Google Maps interface and then flick on silence/no notifications rules for these. Press the ‘plus’ sign button in the Assist app to set these locations.

We’ve used it to Keep the Moto G quiet and backlight-free in the cinema, but you can use it for whatever purpose you like. Another ace up Assist’s sleeve is being able to silence the phone during meetings, which it does by checking in with your calendar.

Cons – You can’t do it.

1.Customize the notification panel button.
2.You can not enable 4G on both sim same time.
3. Not Led Indicator (if you desire so).


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