Here These Indian Couples Behind Successful Startups Will Give You Entrepreneurship Goals

These “Couplepreneurs” Are Proof That Love And Business Can Coexist

Finding co-founders is said to be a difficult undertaking. But what if you discover your partner to be your co-founder?

India is experiencing a boom in entrepreneurship, and unexpectedly, the nation has witnessed a sharp increase in couplepreneurs inside the sector. Couplepreneur is a term that has been popular in recent weeks, and the success of the Indian television programme “Shark Tank India” is entirely to blame. If you look back in time, you’ll see that it’s been a habit for many years.

After over 13 years, Binpin Preet Singh and Upasana Taku , one of the well-known couplepreneurs of the reputable company Mobikwik, are still thriving together. The corporation frequently gives the couples employed by them distinct areas and initiatives. Power couples may dominate the marketplace.

Successful Indian Couplepreneurs

Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh, MamaEarth

Life partners as well as the owners of Mama Earth, Varun, and Ghazal Alagh. In 2016, they introduced the skincare and haircare line Mama Earth. They provide a vast selection of skincare & haircare products as a company created by a parent for all the parents in there. Mama Earth was created to create a brand that is safe for mothers and their newborns. In just 4-5 years, Mama Earth, one of India’s fastest-growing FMCGs, has established itself as a household name. Shark Tank investors Ghazal Alagh and Vineeta Singh both participated.

Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee, SUGAR Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is packed with well-known brands, making it difficult to stand out. Vineeta Singh & Kaushik Mukherjee rose to the occasion and created the worldwide successful Sugar Cosmetics empire. The duo was able to carve themselves a position in the cutthroat business in just six years. They currently operate more than 2500 locations in 130 major cities, and the firm is estimated to be worth over $100 million. Vineeta Singh recently appeared as an investor on the hit program “SharkTank India.”

Rohan and Swati Bhargava, CashKaro

We Indians like using coupons, discount codes, and cashback offers to save money on our shopping. In 2013, Rohan Bhargava & Swati Bhargava established Cashkaro. The company’s estimated net value is $100k thanks to backing from titans like Tata. Alumni from the London School of Economics also started a company called Pouring Pounds (UK).

Anand Shahani and Mehak Sagar, WedMeGood

During their internship, Anand Sahani & Mehak Sagar became friends and subsequently married. Together, they launched their own business called “WedMeGood” in 2014. One of the most popular wedding websites in the nation today, and have a sizable following on social media sites in addition to its website. For your ideal wedding, they have everything accessible, including wedding locations and the bride’s cosmetics. This demonstrates how much value your partner can bring to your company.

Vivek Prabhakar and Shubhra Chadda, Chumbak

Chumbak is a business Vivek Prabhakar & Shubhra Chadda founded in Bengaluru. Vivek and Shubhra’s passion for travel and collecting trinkets was the catalyst for everything. Chumbak, which specializes in lifestyle, fashion, home décor, and personal care, was started by a husband-and-wife team.

Chumbak has developed into a pleasant lifestyle brand with an international influence, producing goods in the aforementioned areas.

Bhavna Anand Sharma and Siddhesh Sharma, Cureveda

Bhavna, a businesswoman, recognized a chance to treat typical illnesses holistically. To produce a product that serves organic goods, Bhavna intended to build a brand that emphasized the use of regulated herbs that were supported by clinical validation.

Bhavna and Siddhesh Sharma created the business Cureveda, which provides treatments for disorders including diabetes, heart health & thyroid issues.

Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul, Menstrupedia

Countless myths and taboos still surround menstruation. We established Menstrupedia to dispel these myths and inform girls about menstruation. It is an effective strategy for teaching and entertaining girls. The pair Aditi Gupta & Tuhin Paul launched Menstrupedia to bring about change in this area. It is a welcoming manual on menstruation. Menstrupedia was founded in 2014 following a successful crowdfunding campaign. They also requested funds for the program Shark Tank, where Namita Thapar with Emcure Pharmaceuticals offered her assistance.

Sumedha Jain and Akhil Duggar Jain, Madame

The pair got together through the conventional system of an arranged marriage and then joined forces with the renowned brand Madame. Jain Amar Clothing Co. Ltd. was a family-owned company. The same company also operates Madame Fashion. It is a well-liked brand among millennials and Generation Z since it offers a distinctive selection of clothing.

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