Here Oyo Rooms Answers Sexist Comments & Trolls On Social Media

The world is a judgy place. You can post one or two pictures of yourself and if you have a decent number of followers, people will come by flooding your alley with a number of comments. Oyo Rooms collaborates with influencers to feature their new and premium spaces in different cities in India. However, their pictures have been flooded with a number of sexist comments body shaming, and insulting both women and men.

Oyo decided that this had to stop. To counter all the comments together, the brand decided to make a video post to show how they get back at all the haters.


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With a new campaign called #ShowSomeRespect, Oyo encouraged fellow brands to join the bandwagon and prevent any room for sexism and trolls. The world needs more modernistic brands like Oyo to go with the trend and be more accepting of people and what they do. There are people who use filters or keep it natural. Let people be the way they are and celebrate their existence.

Make this world a better place to live in and don’t let trolls shame you for who you are. Oyo called out all those trollers by putting in a screenshot of their comments in this video. Moreover, they also made the effort to reply back to all of them one by one.

It is only when big brands like Oyo stand up is when others will also get encouraged to do the needful. Do you think this was the correct move made by the hotel brand?

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