Here Humble Beginnings To Successful Ventures: 10 Homegrown Businesses That Took India By Storm

Most of us with a “great” business idea are often too afraid to take the risk and work on it. However, there were a few who believed in themselves, took the risk, and ended up making their venture successful because of their determination. Let’s take a look at some of these startups:

1. Suguna Foods

Brothers GB Sundararajan and B Soundararajan started a small poultry company in 1986. After a while, they realized the sad state of affairs of the poultry farmers. The brothers began contract farming to assist the farmers in 1990. Beginning with just 3 farms, their model is now replicated in poultry farms across the country and Suguna Foods, the company they formed, is providing an income to 40,000 farmers.

2. Borosil

Originally a company creating lab apparatus, the Kheruka family changed the business model of Borosil after they became the majority shareholders in 2013. They made Borosil a lifestyle brand with a wide range of products- microwavable bowls to water bottles. The company is now a household name in India because of its high-quality products.

3. Metro Shoes

Malik Taneja bought a store he worked in soon after India gained independence. Today, this store has turned into a brand with over 550 stores in 128 cities- Metro Shoes. At present, Metro Brands Limited is run by Malik’s granddaughter, Farah Malik Bhanji.

4. Prataap Snacks

Starting from a 100 sq. feet office in 2003, this Indore-based snack business now produces one of the most loved snacks of the region- the Yellow Diamond chips. Brothers Amit and Apporva Kumat along with Arvind Mehta have managed to turn the company into a large business within a few years.

5. Mamaearth

Born out of their own needs for safe, toxin-free products for their child, Ghazal, and Varun Alagh’s company, MamaEarth has now served half a million customers across the country. Their toxin-free products made from material suitable for children, made Asia’s first company to get a MadeSafe certification.

6. Kent RO

After the bad experience of his kids falling ill because of contaminated water, IIT Kanpur graduate Mahesh Gupta decided to solve the problem for millions of people. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) process caught his attention and he used it to make a water purifier at home. Jumping to today, Kent RO, his company, is one of the biggest water purifiers companies.

7. Nikkamal

Founders Vamanrai Parekh and Sharad Parekh began Nikkamal Plastics by manufacturing plastic household items like mugs and buckets out of an apartment in Powai, Mumbai. They had forfeited the security of a family business for this venture and it was worth it because of the company’s exponential growth once they introduced plastic chairs in the Indian market. Today, the company makes an annual turnover of more than Rs. 2,200 crore.

8. Vinati Organics

Vinati Organics was founded in 1989 by Vinod Saraf. It was, however, his daughter, Vinati, who managed to take the company to the heights of success by optimizing production and making it the largest manufacturer of Isobutyl Benzene (IBB) and 2-Acrylamido 2 Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid (ATBS) in the world.

9. Cycle Pure Agarbathies

Losing his father at the age of 8, N.Ranga Rao had to work several jobs to make ends meet for his family. Around 1940, he took the help of his grandmother and started making agarbattis at home. Eventually, he grew the business by producing good quality products, and today, the company has a presence in 75 countries.

10. Jaquar Group

Presently, Jaquar is synonymous with quality bathroom fittings across India. The business was started by NL Mehra in the 60s. He noticed the lack of an organized bathroom material sector in the country and capitalized on it- gaining popularity by producing good products. Subsequent generations of Mehras did well in expanding the empire started by him.

These stories are an inspiration for millions of Indians who have a business idea but are too scared to begin. It’s your time, get started NOW!

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