Here 6 Gardening Startups Transforming The Urban Indian Gardening Landscape

Plant parenting is on the rise. Especially, the past two years have seen an increasing number of people adopting organic and healthy lifestyles.

Many people have resorted to growing their own organic produce. What was once a long-term hobby, has become a new-found passion for many. Here’s a listing of a few gardening startups that transforming the urban farming landscape in the country.

1. Bombay Greens

Started by Tanvi and Ankur Agarwal, a couple that strongly promotes healthy eating, Bombay Greens started as a home garden and is your go-to place for DIY gardening kits.

They offer the most wholesome gardening kits like the DIY Grow kits and DIY Microgreens kit starting from INR 299/-. Their kits include fertilizers too.

Grow kits include herbal & floral tea kits, edible flower kits, detox kits, exotic vegetables, gourmet salad mix, tomato trio mix, healthy greens, herbs kit, and hot & sweet chilies.

Also, their DIY Microgreens Kit offers basil & mustard, scallions & radish, chia & mustard, radish and alfalfa, and even radish and amaranth. They also offer soilless organic mixtures, fertilizers, and pesticides.

2. Ugaoo

This startup offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, kitchen garden seeds, manure, garden tools, and even plant décor.

This all-green gardening portal was founded by Siddhant Bhalinge and is owned by Ugaoo Agritech Pvt Ltd.

Plants from Ugaoo are all in-house grown with the advice of the best horticulturists, thereby ensuring quality control right from sowing to dispatch.

The startup recently raised $2 million in November 2021 from DSG Consumer Partners and RPG Ventures.

3. Lazy Gardener

Lazy Gardener was found by Vinayak Garg in 2019. He first started with selling plant food sticks, followed by gardening mats and décors like fridge magnets and plant stands.

Though just about three years in business, the startup has experienced repeat purchases close to 80% every five months.

4. Homecrop

Homecrop was founded by four graduates from the Vellore Institute of Technology. The startup designs and sets up edible farms for the urban population, interested in growing their own produce.

With no formal education in the field, Homecrop received resources and intel from the Association for Innovation Development of Entrepreneurship in Agriculture), the technology business incubator hosted by ICAR-NAARM

Homecrop sells its DIY farming kits online pan-India through its website as well as through Amazon.

5. Seed2Plant

This startup is just about two years old. But, one look at their online presence and website is enough to convert you into a plant parent.

Seed2Plant offers a variety of gardening products right from grow bags to fertilizers to potting mixes and supplies.

They have an exhaustive list of terrace garden kits and seeds from this startup are just too many to ignore.

6. GardenGram

This startup aims to make the lives of all gardeners, whether amateur or professional easy.

They have some interesting offerings like the happiness plant combo and the monsoon plant care combo.

This one-stop gardening shop offers specially curated gardening products to make plant parents self-sufficient in raising their plants.


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