Ensure Your Technology Reaches Clients Overseas Quickly And Compliantly

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For companies reselling controlled-use and dual-use goods like IT equipment, breaking into a global market can be challenging. With cross-border transactions being so complex, a company must be prepared to dedicate time, energy, and resources into ensuring their goods clear without procuring costly delays. Unfortunately, even those who are experts in logistics have a difficult time making sense of import law, or the detailed documentation foreign countries require to accompany these types of shipments. Moreover, each country has specific rules and regulations. Every nation treats the arrival of sensitive materials differently, it is difficult for a reseller to foresee how long it will be until a shipment is cleared, particularly when goods can be held at a country’s border anywhere from 10-30 days. This makes predicting the time it will take to complete a job challenging, and can frustrate clients when they expect their equipment to arrive quickly.

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What many countries additionally require is for the reseller to secure an non resident importer of record — one who holds a point of presence there to sign off on sensitive goods prior to clearance. The benefit of having this stipulation is once you hire an importer of record, many of the pain points associated with this shipping process are alleviated. A qualified importer of record will be versed in the receiving country’s laws, they’ll be able to prepare all the necessary paperwork, even apply for permits and licences on your behalf while ensuring all documentation is correct. A strong global distributions partner will have your shipment cleared within no more than 10 days after your quote is approved – allowing you to provide an accurate estimated time of arrival to those who are waiting for your goods.

One company called TecEx is one of few recognized for their hands-on service, and their expertise when it comes to handling these types of transactions and materials. Not only will they work diligently to clear your technology through customs, but their on-the-ground team can liaise with your freight service or forwarder, seeing your expensive assets arrive where they’re supposed to without issue.

Their online portal allows you to track the shipment in real time, and you’ll even be provided with a client services representative should you have any questions throughout the process. They’re also a company that guarantees best lead times while only charging you the landed-cost quote, regardless of any changes that happen to a country’s legislature thereafter.

With the help of global distributions experts, technology resellers can begin to foster relationships with clients overseas more confidently. They can rest assured that their equipment will be handled with care and will not be held due to an unforeseen problem. Finally, they allow resellers to focus on the work they know how to do best, while those who are versed in imports and logistics take care of the remainder. With technologies constantly advancing, there has never been a better time to tap into the global market, the key however is to find a professional importer to provide guidance.

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