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There are many free theme available on WordPress with great designs but there are also premium theme which contain some extra customization features, more clearly designed and many other function that free version isn’t.

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Buy your WordPress premium theme from our ThemeShop after complete purchasing download go to My Account then navigate to ‘ Available download and download your premium theme copy like screenshot below:

Available Downloads

How to Upload Premium Theme:

Note: Before we proceed please take backup first then to avoid any problem

Before Uploading Theme:

Step 1: Open your current theme panel like below screenshot

Step 2: Copy and save data before we upload premium theme


Copy and save data
Copy and save data

Step 3: Some Users faces problem like “Destination folder already exists” it show because same file name already present into theme directory to avoid this problem you need to delete old free version theme first.

Already Exists
Already Exists

Step 4: How to delete old free version theme:

  • First activate any theme in my case i activated Twenty Thirteen
Activate any theme
Activate any theme
  • Now you are able to delete previous version of theme without any problem like shown in below screenshot
    Delete Theme


  • Then you are able to upload same theme without any problem.

Step 5:  Now open upload into install theme tab and upload install WordPress premium theme.

Upload Premium theme
Upload Premium theme


  • Theme is successfully uploaded activate it.


Step 6: Again open ProMax Options panel and paste copied data if lost then enjoy premium features from Tab

Option Panel
Option Panel

Save settings then all done enjoy premium version always if you got any problem then use restore default option to reset theme settings.

Themes Features Introduction , Uses and Activations:

  • Using Basic Settings Tab

Customize Basic Settings
Customize Basic Settings
  1. Custom Favicon URL: Upload unique favicon to your website that show on every page if you don’t want then leave empaty
  2. Upload Website Logo: Here you can provide default logo image for your website size depend on which theme you are using if you don’t want logo and show text instead then leave empty and change title from dashboard > settings > general.
  3. Show Author Profile: Allow you to show author profile on posts and pages info & description about author could be changed from dashboard > users > your profile.
  4. Show Latest Posts:  Allow you to show latest post into website no need special plugin for that this helps you to boost traffic on all posts. Note: Various theme have diff. places to show it like: In sidebar, Below Header navigation etc.
  5. Show Popular Posts in Sidebar: This helps you to show what is popular on your website to users: Note -in some of theme this is premium feature.
  • Social Media Tab


As shown in above image fill your social media links into fields to increase your social preference some theme have more options and if you have Premium version then you can request custom social field.

  • Custom CSS Styling

Custom CSS Styling
Custom CSS Styling

Now you don’t need to edit default style sheet of theme post any custom css here that will automatic apply to theme and functions if you edit style-sheet file then in next update customization will be lost.

  • Ads Management Tab

Put You ads code into boxes
  1. Paste Ads code for header: Various theme have diff areas in header to show ads this will allow you to show any banner or other adverting code.
  2. Ad Code for Single Post: This will allow you to show ads into every post.
  3. Ad code for Footer: Paste ad code here for footer area below navigation in index pages and below comments in posts & pages.


  • Premium Features

Premium features tab
Premium features tab

Here are some list of premium features list and what are there work:

  1. Social Share Buttons with count: It will allow you to show facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn and PinIt to make every post spread to world
  2.   Responsive Website Design: Enable this option and site will display great in mobile devices.
  3. Excerpt Length (Number of words display in post description) : This is unique feature on our themes that you hardly find on other it allow to control number of word display in post description.
  4. Home Icon from Top and Main Navigation: If you don’t like Home icon than it could be disable via control panel.
  5. Customize Theme Background, Changing link color and background color via panel could be done easily Note: if you want to use default color then click > select color > clear > then default color option will appear.
  6. Footer  Widget area could be hide or shown from here.
  7. Website layout also available in theme so you can choose according to your requirement.
  8. SEO & Meta Options : Here some extra features like Google and Bing site verification added also Google publisher that help to authorship or blog.
  9. Breadcrumbs Options: Now you have no need for special plugin for breadcrumb that default in our theme but use can disable it from panel.
  10. Enable Post Meta Info: you can also hide other meta stamp option like Show date & time, Author, categories, Comments, tags.
  11. Next and Previous Post Link: This also help your website to easy navigation and user to spend more time on your website by viewing more posts.
  12. Show or Hide Copy Right Text: That what some users asking so you are able to your own copyright text into field.
  13. and Much more options into these themes.


Hope this helps you any question could be asked me directly.

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