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Create Image Shadow in Photoshop CS – Realistic

Want to know how to create a realistic look shadow in photoshop? Recently I’m suffering from same problem because I just want know know how to create image shadow in photoshop for my project after lots of searches and watching videos I made my own version of tutorial for you more easy and better.

Create Image Shadow in Photoshop

First take image or images you want to make realistic shadow if you want to display someone’s shadows or building shadow then you need two layers one of building and other for background, I’m taking both examples.

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  • Now Adjust both layers in photoshop exact location


  • After that you must select layer from right side and then navigate to Layer > Layer Style > Style Settings

select-layer Create Image Shadow in Photoshop

  • Now check on drop shadow field and play with shadow

Create Image Shadow in Photoshop

Here are some other images where I put shadow you can design much better graphics than me because I’m not expert of photoshop by just give a try.

Create Image Shadow in Photoshop

Watch video Create Image Shadow in Photoshop tutorial which is posted in top of this post. If you have any suggestion or comment please let me know.

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