Configure Reliance Broadband for WiFi -Login Problem Resolved

Configure Reliance Broadband for WiFi -Login Problem Resolved

Hi guys, today I am going to share my personal experience with reliance broadband WiFi Router configuration problem and how I get rid of the problem/issue. I found that most of the new user are having the same problem. When I searched for it and whenever I tried the solutions given on the internet gave me headache as none of them worked. Even my internet using the Ethernet stopped working. I tried hard and finally found a way to resolve it.

About Reliance Broadband:

I shifted to my new flat (on rent 😉 ) in Gurgaon (HR) with my friend on 1st December 2014 and I needed internet to work on. I found that Reliance was providing wired broadband on attractive plans, i.e. 2MBPS unlimited for 750 Rs. and another good plan which I chose for Rs. 999/month was 4MBPS upto 50GB and then unlimited with 1MBPS speed. We contacted Reliance and  the sales executive came to our location. He charged us Rs.999 for our plan and 800 for installation. We asked about Wireless/WiFi router but he told that they provide wired router only. Then I asked if he would help in configuration of wireless connection using my personal router. He replied that he didn’t have enough technical knowledge but he would help by calling another technical person. He told that the installation team would come after two days.

Reliance kept their promise. The installation team came after 2 days, installed the broadband and provided our reliance username and password. They had come with the basic router with 1 ADSL and 1 Ethernet RJ45 port. But we had 2 Laptops and 2 Smartphones to connect with. And hence, it was not enough for us. After 1 week, I brought the UTStarcom WA3002G4 wireless/WiFi router from home, which I was using earlier with BSNL broadband. I connected the ADSL and LAN cable to the router and logged in on reliance portal. It worked like a charm.

Configure Reliance Broadband for WiFi -Login Problem Resolved

Reliance Broadband Connection to PC/Laptop:

Then we connected our second laptop with another LAN cable and what we observed that the reliance login portal page opened. I entered the username and password and then I clicked on login. Then on reliance login portal, a message was displaying “Your previous session has been terminated abruptly, Please click here to terminate your session“. After providing the correct answer to the secret question, It displayed “You have successfully logged off, Click here to login to surf the internet.” Then the internet worked fine but the sad part was that it could be used only on one device and the other device was being logged out and thus we couldn’t access the net on the previously running device.

We were surprised what he told us next. He demanded 300Rs. just for telling the configuration. My friend agreed for giving him the money but I refused and thought it would be incentive for our efforts and would further motivated us. We tried different combinations under WAN settings and tried hard but nothing seemed to work. We tried again next day and further no luck.

And finally, we got the happy moment. A combination of settings worked like charm and we were able to connect as many devices as we had. We have the router: UTStarcom WA3002G4 which came with BSNL broadband a few years ago. Here is the screenshot. I configured in my Windows 8.1

Configure Reliance Broadband for WiFi -Login Problem Resolved

Here is the step by step guide to configure the router :

1.First of all find out the default router access IP, username and password of your router. In my case the IP was , the router login username was admin and the router login password was admin.You can also check your IP address using simple command in CMD just type “ipconfig”.

2.IN case of not able to see ip address or router page doesn’t opened then change Ip in your computer, go to Network and LAN settings then click on the icon in front of connections


3. Now go to properties and then double click on IPv4.



4.  Now select “Use the following IP address”.

In IP address, fill the value 3 more than your Router’s IP address in the last digit.

Use as your subnet mask.

And put your Router’s IP address in Default Gateway.


5. Now open your browser and enter the Router’s IP address in the address bar



6. Click on Wireless in the left panel and Set SSID for your WiFi Network which is name of your wifi other settings are not necessary but depends on you.


7. Set the password for your WiFi to secure it



You are reading: Configure Reliance Broadband for WiFi -Login Problem Resolved

8. Click on the Advanced Setup –>WAN



9. Set the value 0 for VPI and 35 for VCI

Leave tagging unchecked

Select UBR Without PCR in service category

Leave quality of service unchecked



10. Select MAC Encapsulation Routing in connection type

Select LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING in Encapsulation mode

Now Click next



11. Select “obtain an IP address automatically”
Select “obtain default gateway automatically”
Select “obtain DNS server address automatically”

Click next



12. Tick “Enable NAT” , “Enable FirewaLL” and “Enable WAN service” and leave the name as br_0_35
Click Next



13. Now click on save



14. Now go to Management–> TR 069 Client and select disable.



15. Now go to Management–> Save /Reboot
Click on the Save/Reboot button and your router will reboot.
Now enjoy the happy surfing



Watch Video Tutorial On YoutTube:


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