How To Choose a Best Smartphone For You

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Now a days, buying a best smartphone for yourself is not an easy task. If you live in country like India than this can be a complex task for you. There are a lot of smartphone brands available in India and many new brands are entering India everyday. The following points will help you find a good phone for yourself.

Budget : First thing first, you have to decide what is your budget. Whether you want to purchase a phone under 5000 or phone under 10000 or whatever is your budget. You have to decide that first. Simply list down all the devices available under your budget and move on to next point.Choose a Best Smartphone

OS : The second thing after deciding your budget is What is your OS preference. There are three main OS : Android, iOS and Windows.

  • Android : Android is the most popular OS in the world by Google. The pros with Android is that there are lot of apps available in google play store. You can easily sign up with google play store and you don’t even need to enter your credit card details for signing up account. You can easily take backup of your contacts with your Google Account. The cons with Android is that it is more vulnerable than iOS. The recent vulnerability noticed is ENCRYPTION BYPASS VULNERABILITY which affected half of android devices in the world.
  • iOS : iOS is also a popular OS in the world by Apple Inc. The pros with with iOS is that you can easily lock your stolen iOS device by just logging in to your iCloud account. But the cons with iOS is that for signing up your account you need to enter your Debit/Credit Card details. Suppose you accidentally locked your iOS device and forgot your iCloud password than there is no ways you can recorver your password and unlock your phone, In United States FBI had to pay a lot of money to get an iphone unlocked. One more con with iOS is that iOS devices are too much expensive than Android and Windows, you also have to pay for many famous apps in iOS which are available for free of cost in Android.
  • Windows : Windows OS is not as popular as Android or iOS. Very less people like to buy a Windows Phone. The pros with windows phone is that you can run same apps on pc and also on phone and windows phones are not expensive as iOS. The cons with Windows is that there are not much apps available for windows phone like Android and iOS.

Size : The next thing to consider is that what is your screen size preference. Whether you want to buy a 4.5 inch phone or 5 inch phone is upto you. You just have to make sure that you can easily hold it in your hand and can operate it with single hand.

Using Purpose : This is the final point you need to consider that for what purpose you are buying a phone. Whether you are buying it for gaming purposes or for multitasking or for camera purposes or looking for a good battery backup phone just for calling. You need to decide that because you can’t get all these things in just one phone. Some comes with good performance, some with good battery backup and some with just good cameras. So it is really important point which you need to consider.

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ConclusionChoosing a good phone is not that tough, you have to just consider all the points mentioned above. After you have decided what is your requirement, simply read users reviews of phones available under your budget on the shopping websites and choose a good phone for you.

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