Check How to rename multiple files quickly

How to rename multiple files quickly

Renaming a file name is easy when you only have to do it a few times. It becomes very tedious when you have to deal with more than five files—that’s my threshold—especially if you want to follow a specific format. You can use Bulk Rename Utility for such situations where you need to rename a series of photographs, graphics, screenshots, word documents, etc. This tool includes advanced features that let you add/replace text, match by lower/upper case, include a timestamp, and more.

The software is free as long as it is for personal use only.

What you need
– Files that you want to rename

– Download and install Bulk Rename Utility from

How to use some of the functions in Bulk Rename Utility (BRU):

Replace characters in the file name


Launch BRU

The interface consists of a side panel from where you can browse to the folder that contains the files to be renamed and an adjacent section that lists the files in the folder you select. Below both these panels are a host of functions you can use to rename your files. Let’s see how we can use some of these…


Select the files you want to rename. In the “Name (2)” section, choose Fixed from the drop-down list.


In the empty text box below, type the name you want to use for the selected files. You can see how the new file name will look in the “New Name” column.


Next, we will add a number after this ‘new name’. In the “Numbering (10)” section, make that Start has the value “1” with Increments of “1” and Mode set to “suffix”.


Check the “New Name” column above again and click the Preview button to see if the changes are to your preferences. Click Rename to complete the process.

Remove some text from a file name:


Say, you only want to rename some text from the file name and replace it with numbers. In the “Remove (5)” section, enter a number into the “First” or “Last n” fields. Here, we entered 9 in the latter. This will remove the last 9 characters in the file name.


Similarly, you can add text by using the Add (7) section.


Follow the same steps to preview and rename the files as mentioned in step (5).


Replace text:

With the “Replace (3)” section, you can make BRU match characters in a file name and replace them with a new set.


Insert date:

Check the box in the Add Date (8) section.


Choose where you want the date to appear (Mode: suffix, prefix), the format (day-month-year, month-day-year, etc), or use a custom string.

In case you also want to keep the original filenames untouched, then use the “Copy/Move to Location (13)” to automatically copy or move the renamed files to a new location.

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