Check How to post Instagram Stories without opening the app

How to post Instagram Stories without opening the app

Instagram Stories are among the most popular ways to post photos, videos and other content on the social media platform.

However, the process may sound a lot for some users as it requires opening the app, selecting an image and then sharing it.

Well, not anymore, the Threads by Instagram app now allows users to stay connected with close friends, post stories, updates and more.

Threads by Instagram is a camera app for close friends on Instagram that helps keep track of updates, posts and stories posted by them. The app also gives users the option to share and post updates with them.

Using the same app, users can share Instagram Stories as well. Wondering how? Follow our step-by-step guide:


Download and install Threads by Instagram app


Then login using Instagram account and set up your profile by allowing all the necessary permissions to the app and account.


Now, start adding people in your favourite list with whom you want to chat and share stories.


On homescreen of the app, choose the second tab

Here, click a picture, edit it, add captions, filters, etc and tap on the upward arrow


From the contact list, choose Your Story option. You can also select specific contacts if you want to share with specific people.

After this tap the Share button to post.

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