Check How to make Telegram group voice calls

How to make Telegram group voice calls

Coping up with the ongoing pandemic several instant messaging platforms like Zoom, Skype, Meet, Hangout, etc made some amendments to their services to offer better video and voice calling facilities. Telegram, on the other hand, introduced one-on-one calling feature back in August and now, the company has started rolling out group video calling to the beta version of the app.

So, if you are a Telegram beta user and want to give this feature a try, here’s how you can do it.


Ensure to install the latest beta version of the Telegram app

Working internet connection with good speed

Also, note that currently the option to make group voice calls are limited to admins only.

Steps to follow to make group voice calls on Telegram


Open Telegram app on your smartphone


Head to any group chat window and tap on the header to expand it


Here you will see details about the group such as members, notifications settings and more.


Now, tap on the three horizontal dots from the top right corner and select the option Start Voice chat


A new popup window will appear where you can make a selection of members you want to include in the call.

Additionally, you can also check the box which says ‘Only admins can talk’. Which means other members will be on listen mode and won’t be allowed to talk. The feature is really handy while making a group voice call with a large number of people.

Once done, tap on Create button to initiate the group voice call.

Note: The beta apk file is also available to download via Microsoft’s app centre.

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