Best Screen Recorders for Mac

If you want to record your Mac’s screen then you need a decent screen recorder – but which should you choose? Nowadays there are many different options out there, and at first glance you may have trouble figuring out which is best.

To help you find the best screen recorder for Mac, here’s how the more popular ones stack up against each other:

• Camtasia – $99
A well-known screen recorder in its own right, Camtasia is rich in features that will let you record and edit videos. However it does have a user interface that tend to be complicated and may be confusing.

• ScreenFlow – $99
Another powerful screen recorder that includes a built-in video editor, ScreenFlow is quite capable. That being said its interface isn’t the most intuitive, and considering its price point there are more powerful screen recorders out there.

• Snagit – $49.95
Technically Snagit is primarily a user-friendly tool to capture and edit screenshots, though it can also record videos from your screen. However seeing as that isn’t its focus its video editing capabilities are sparse.

• Screenium – $49.99
At first glance Screenium is a great screen recorder with a built-in video editor. However upon closer inspection you’ll find that it has several features missing and can’t capture keystrokes or take screenshots. Additionally its user interface can be fairly cumbersome.

• Screenflick – $29
Although much more basic than most other screen recorders in this list, Screenflick is a decent and simple screen recorder at a relatively low price. That being said its editing features are limited to trimming clips and adjusting their brightness, and it has no screenshot capabilities either.

• Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac – $49.95
By coupling a powerful screen recorder and video editor with an intuitive user interface, Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac has gained a lot of popularity – especially as it is much cheaper than similar rivals. Generally it has everything that is needed to create high quality and professional-looking recordings – and its one drawback is it can’t follow the mouse when recording.

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All said and done if you want a screen recorder that has a feature-rich video editor included then Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is your best bet. Because of how easy it is to use you won’t need to go through a steep learning curve, and can literally start using it immediately to record and edit great-looking videos.

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