Best Rated Split ACs that you can buy in India Updated

India’s summers are mind-bogglingly hot. Split Air conditioners are the only way to get some relief. Thinking which Split AC can rescue you from the heat’s wrath? We’ve carefully picked the 5 best rated Split ACs that you can buy in India. Choose as per your budget and needs.

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1. Voltas 185 EYR Price: 41, 500

Voltas’s 1.5-ton non-inverter AC has made it to the top of best rated ACs’ list due to numerous reasons. It comes with Aluminium-built Parallel flow condensers (PFC) and has a great cooling capacity of 5050W. With no less glamour in its design, this air conditioner features LED Display panel and glowing buttons on the remote so that your room’s trendy architecture can get a good companion. Voltas 185 EYR has anti-dust and anti-fungal silver ion filters to keep the atmosphere fresh and healthy.

Till 2017, it was classified as 5-star AC. But due to changed guidelines of BEE, non-split ACs has faced a deduction of 2-stars. So 2018 version of Voltas’s this product, i.e. 1.4-ton 173 IZI is 3-star rated. Though, it has a better appearance, copper condenser, smarter cooling modes and self-diagnosis features. This AC comes with 1-year product warranty and 5-year compressor warranty, just as Voltas 1.5-ton5 Star Split AC 185 EYR(2017). This is definitely a good choice from best split ACs in India.

2. Mitsubishi MS-GK18VA Price: 50,910

Mitsubishi’s 3-star non-split AC is designed to efficiently cool its surrounding area. Its outlet system is thoughtfully crafted, andhence, evenly conditions the temperature of your room. For large rooms, it takes 8-10 minutes to cool the whole area. Auto-diagnosis system and anti-rusting box ensure the longevity of the product.

Manufacturers have kept the Indian climate in mind while making this Mitsubishi product, so you won’t face any cooling issue with it. Mitsubishi-MS-GK18VAsaves enough energy and money too.

3. LG JS-Q12CPXD Price: 36,990

LG has the highest share in electronic home appliance market of India. It is loved due to the quality of its products and after-sale service. Coming back to this 1-ton inverter AC, you can buy this Air Conditioner without worrying at all. This smart inverter split AC gives super-fast cooling due to its special cooling technology, called as Himalayas Cool by LG. When humidity is high, its Monsoon comfort technology keeps a control on lowering temperature and keeps the environment soothing.

It has anti-bacterial and auto-cleaning features to give additional relaxation to the buyers. And the 10-year warranty is an icing on the cake!

4. Mitashi MiSAC155v25 Price: 34,990

Made of 100% copper, this Mitashi product utilizes two-way swing method to cool your rooms. It has a rotary compressor, coupled with gold fin and multi-fold evaporator coils so that the whole process of cooling remains fast, efficient and smooth. It, too, comes with bacteria filters, self-diagnosis, and auto-restart features so that you can stay assured about the air quality and humidity.

MiSAC155v25 has turbo-cooling and sleep mode functionality to maintain a better artificial environment while you sleep. It produces the least noise, when in operation. Hence, the calmness of your room remains untamed.

5. Godrej GSC 18 USZ 5 WPR Price: 38,500

If you are looking for plastic-bodied light-weight split AC, Godrej GSC 18 USZ 5 WPR is made for you. This cost-efficient AC comes in white color and alluring look. Its 1.5-ton capacity can dish up the best cooling services to your large rooms or halls. Godrej offers 1-year product warranty and 7-year compressor warranty on it.

Trust us; buying the wrong split AC will be worse than having no AC at all. So when you are selecting the air conditioner for your home, make sure it serves up to cooling expectations of your family.

Here are the Best Rated Split ACs:

  • Voltas 185 EYR – Flipkart | Amazon
  • Mitsubishi MS-GK18VA – Amazon
  • LG JS-Q12CPXD – Flipkart | Amazon
  • Mitashi MiSAC155v25 – Flipkart | Amazon
  • Godrej GSC 18 USZ 5 WPR – Flipkart | Amazon

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