Best PC Games with Low System Requirements

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Although gaming is all fun, it is not possible for everyone to have the most high-end systems in their possession. Sometimes, one may be traveling, or has an old PC and would, therefore, be hard to make an upgrade. Additionally, you might be having the older system or a secondary rig. Either way, everyone deserves to derive happiness from gaming irrespective of the quality of their gaming system.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best games you can play in your old but modest gadgets as you comfortably sit on your n seat pro 600 gaming chair. You don’t have to own a high-end computer to perform the following games;

  1. Half-life 2

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Half-life 2 is one of the best first-person shooters that was released in 2014. Gordon Freeman, the protagonist in the game, does so much to free the earth from Combine, an enemy from the invasion force. With these two episodes from this game, you can play them in any system despite how old you think it feels.

  1. Torchlight, Torchlight 2

If you have been a fan of Diablo and Diablo 2, then you will love the modern version of Torchlight and Torchlight 2. This is a game that has classic dungeon crawlers as the major players. By using your PC, you will have an opportunity to experience bright, colorful graphics, and a co-op mode. With these kinds of features, you will enjoy the games throughout the entire play season

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  1. Undertale

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Undertale is a 2015 play whereby one has taken the role of a child who falls into the underworld and has to find their way back to the surface. This is one of the best games if you take time to listen to its fans besides being equipped with excellent writings that ensure the traditional RPG elements are subverted. If you are an individual, who doesn’t mind having low graphics as long as you get to enjoy the game, here is a game to handpick.

  1. Left for dead 2

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Left for the dead 2 is an online co-op game that accepts one to play as a single player. In this game, a gamer has to slaughter multiple zombies with the use of weapons and assorted firearms. Although the plot of this game is very minimal, it will give you the fun you always crave for. You can run this game on any system as it already has a DX9 title.

  1. Portal, Portal 2

Portal and Portal 2 are some of the best first-person games of all times. The play is locked with loads of aperture science meaning you have to outwit a very sophisticated supercomputer. Overwhelmed with turrets and traps, one can only use the portal guns that let you open personal holes to hide in. Besides enjoying the science behind this video game, remember you can also die at any time.

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  1. Team Fortress 2

Although Team Fortress 2 dates back to 2007, this is one of those games that have managed to remain relevant and actively developed in a very long time. The best part about this game is playing them on your laptops and other low-end desktops. Once you start playing, you will come across different features such as picking maps to take your directions wisely, classes, and also different weapons.

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  1. Batman; Arkham asylum

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Arkham games are elementary to play especially the first one can run on any form of the system including the low-end type. While solving puzzles in the game, a gamer is expected to bring down the Clown Prince of Crime irrespective of all the challenges including Bale and Killer Croc.

Some people may not have the privilege to play high-end games in sophisticated gadgets. With the limited budget, one may need to have fun but may lack an upgrade. Nevertheless, you can still play the games above in your old desktops or laptop. The system does not matter.

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