How to Apply for Patanjali Retail Outlet – Store Cost

If you wanted to start patanjali store in your town or village here are some points and franchise apply cost that you might need to pay to sell patanjali products and become distributor. Patanjali distributorship is not hard to get but need some investment to start business.

Why Choose Patanjali ?

  • Fastest growing firm in india with anual revanue over ₹3000 crore
  • More than 16000 exclusive outlet also mega stores in metro cities
  • Patanjali Food and Herbal Park was established in 2009 under the food park scheme of the Indian government.
  • Patanjali buy their hurbs directly from farmar to cut the code and middle man
  • Their growth increasing day by day with commitment and price

Patanjali products categories

  • Nutrition and Supplements: It comprises of chyawanprash, badam pak, power vita, ghee, honey, fruit juices, health drinks such as aloe vera juice, amla juice and etc.
  • Grocery: It has biscuits, cookies, spices, herbal tea, murabba, jam, candy, soan papdi, noodles, flakes, all ration items such as rice, lentils, gram flour, oil and many more.
  • Ayurvedic medicines: This category has a large number of ayurvedic medicines to suffice various health issues.
  • Home care: It includes incense sticks, dish wash bar and herbal gulal.
  • Personal care: It carries Patanjali products meant for skin, eye, hair, body, dental care and toiletries.
  • Books and media: Patanjali offers several books, CDs and DVDs to spread awareness of yoga, pranayam and Ayurveda.

How to Apply for Patanjali Retail Outlet:-

Requirements For Patanjali Distributor

Your ability to invest in business and control it is main key to get approval form patanjali.

  1. Good area space for your shop where you are putting products (warehouse area)
  2. You need to tell you last year turnover if you have
  3. Investment needed about 3 – 7 lakhs ₹

How to Apply for Patanjali Store

There are two types of store Small and Mega Store You need to fill information to their website

  • Apply for Small distributor via online Here
  • Apply for Mega Store of Patanjali Here 

Many Non-Residential Indians (NRI) staying abroad usually get affected and don’t get the supply of Patanjali products which are regularly available here in India. We have mentioned the list of following countries where Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. is looking for eligible dealership / distributorship requests as per high demand:

1. United States of America (USA)
2. Oman
3. Kuwait
4. Canada
5. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
6. Entire Middle East regions
7. Australia and New Zealand
8. United Kingdom (UK) – London
9. Nepal
10. Japan and South Korea
11. China

You could explore a Patanjali Chikitsalaya Franchise at

Contact Details of Patanjali

You could also send in an email to [email protected]

You could apply for a Patanjali Distributorship at

Patanjali Food & Herbal Park,
Village – Padartha, P.O.- Dhanpura, Laksar Road, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India.
Pin code – 249404
Phone – 01334-240008
Fax – 01334-265370

Phone number: 1800-180-4108 or try this: 01334-240008


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