Airtel Codes to Activate Service 2G/3G via SMS USSD

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We already posted many of about airtel but now this one included can find airtel mobile here List of all ussd codes any service activation or deactivate vie sms 2G and 3G internet mms settings how to recharge  and set a caller tune.

Airtel is largest telecom service in India provide 2G/3G and 4G service in diff. fields like Data, voice, Broadband, also DTH and many other now going on airtel mobile.

Bharti Airtel to launch 4G services in Kolkata
Airtel 4G

How to Activate 3G Service and DATA Plans:

Airtel Codes Send 3G to 121 to activate 3g on mobile you will get sms regarding if you don’t get option to activate 3G it means you already on 3G just select plan now.You can also activate 3g from Airtel website. Also read GPRS Internet APN Settings fro all networks like Idea, Tata Docomo, Vodafone, BSNL, Videocon, Aircel, Reliance, MTNL, Loop 

Data Balance in Airtel:

I already posted list of USSD codes of Airtel but company has updates their codes may be some them not working To check data balance dial *123*49#  or *123*10#, *123*11#, *123*12# also Note some time these not work so you need recharge amount to check data balance like if recharge with Rs.9 pack then dial *123*9#.

Airtel USSD Codes List:


USSD Codes Uses
*555# or *777# Daily Pack
*325# Facebook Access 1rs
*121# My Airtel Offers
*123*7# or *123*10# Know Mobile Data
*125*5# Daily SMS Count
*123# Balance and Validity
*566# Mobile Office Activation and Deactiation
*566# Must Buy Service
*515# Twitter Services
*123*11# 4G, 3G, 2G Data balance Main and Shared
*678# Hello Tune Menu
*123*1# Local Airtel to Airtel voice dedicated account 1 balance and expires.
*123*2# Local SMS Balance and Expiry
*123*3# Local Airtel to Airtel Balance
*123*4# Dedicated Account Balance adn Expiry
*123*8# Voice Airtel to Airtel Night minutes
*123*9# STD and ISD Balance Expiry
*123*10# For Local Account Info
*123*11 All types of Account Balance and Expiry
*135*2# Activate Misss Call Alert
*135*1# Deactivate Miss Call Alert
*222# Special 5 Offers
*321# Airtel Live Services
*888# Miss Call Alert
*777# Local and National SMS Pack
*282# Know your airtel numer
*140*1600# Know you number
*141*123# Know your number
*140*6575# Know you number



Methods for knowing your number in case you forgot:

  • *140*1600#
  • *282#
  • Just send a blank sms to 59103
  • *400*2*1*1*0# OR
  • *140*6575# or *141*123# or Send a blank SMS to 59103 (Toll-free) after which you will receive own mobile number in text message.

Airtel Service Center Numbers:

Dial Numbers Uses
121 Customer Care
123 Balance inquery
198 Complain
543211 Hello Tunes [Chargeble]
543212 Airtel Live service
543213 Airtel Music Station
543214 Background Music During Calls
543215 Song Catcher
543216 Cath With Friend

Call 1909 to activate or deactivate DND service

SMS CODES for Airtel:

These can be use to activate or deactivate any service also note some code may be not work according to area or changed by airtel time to time.

SMS Service Numbers SMS Text Uses
 121 START Start Any Service
121 STOP To Stop Any Service
121 3G To Activate 3G DATA
1909 START DND To start “DO Not Disturb” Service
1909 STOP DND To stop “ Do not disturb”
52567 LIVE Airtel  Live Configration
51619 MRP FULLTT For Full Talk Time Offers
51619 MRP TRF Tariff Offers
51619 MRP SMS SMS Packs
59103 _blank sms_ Know your number

Internet GPRS Setiings for Mobile, Dongle(data card), PC:

These settings could be used in your mobile PC or USB Modem with any problem also they are work any where in India we already told you abut activation of airtel 3G activate so enjoy high speed internet.

Go To personal configuration settings:

FOR Airtel Internet

  • Account or Profile name: any name
  • Dial up: *99#
  • username LEAVE blank:  —
  • Password LEAVE blank:–

FOR Airtel Live

  • AccountName:- AIRTELLIVE
  • Homepage:-
  • Username:- BLANK
  • Password:- BLANK
  • UserPrefferedAccessPointSettings(APN): NO ACCESS POINT SETTINGS
  • Proxy:- ENABLE
  • Proxy address:-
  • Proxyport:- 8080


Balance Transfer Trick for Airtel:

Airtel users can transfer their balance to other Airtel mobiles by following a simple trick but you should have balance more than transferring your balance to another mobile.

  •  Dial *141*mobile no.#
  • Transfer 50/- but balance must be above then 250rs.

Share with us more codes via comments.

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99 thoughts on “Airtel Codes to Activate Service 2G/3G via SMS USSD

  1. I am a Airtel user since a long time but never know some tricks which are in this post. It is very informative for every Airtel users throughout India. By the way thanks a lot for such a nice and informative posting. I appreciate a lot for your blogging effort.

  2. Bonjour, comment completer ces parametres d’activation Airtel RDCongo internet sur un telephones samsung voici les donnees a completer:Nom,APN,Proxy,Port,serveur,MMSC,Proxy MMS, Port MMS, MCC,MNC, Type d’identification, et Type d’APN

  3. If I’m having more than 175 rs balance…
    nd if I want to activate 2G plan of 175 rs. Which contains 1GB net for 28 days.. so what is the code to activate this 2G plan..?

  4. I already recharged for 3g and now I am getting 2g network. I sent 3g to 121 but they only gives info about various packs instead telling me how to ACTIVATE 3g. Pls help.

  5. Im Using 2G Pack On Airtel But I Want To Activate 3G.When I Send 3G To 121 It Says 3G Service Not Activated On Your Mobile.I Want To Change Mobile Signel From E to H.Please Help Me.

  6. i want to activate 3g at zero rental(without any pack) and want to charged surfing through main balance in 2g sim.
    how can i activate this?

  7. I have 560 main balance

    Nd i want to buy 499 rs,, plan 6gb 2g 3 mnth…

    Pls notify me ussd code to activate above plan

    Pls reply quickly….

  8. how to discontinue 2G internet plan? i have activated this 2G plan but its speed is pathetic so i want to deactivate…..

  9. Hi, I wanted to recharge 1 day 3g Pack of Airtel using my main balance. *567# does not give any options, Please suggest?

  10. Today I have recharged 449 through paytm,recharge successful message had arrived but no 3G net pack has been credited in my number

  11. Hi, Nice codes. Thanks for it.Do you have any idea how to covert a Airtel Sim from 3G to 2G on voice ?(not for internet/data) ?


  12. I want to activate 3G on my sim while in roaming . can anyone help me to activate it.
    I didn’t mean a 3G plan, I mean 3G SETTINGS ON MY SIM

  13. Can u please tell me how to activate 3g because when i do wcdma mode on my fone so the airtel network is gone and it says emergency call only

  14. sir, my airtel 2g netpack is reducing so fast example if i recharge a pack of 199 for 2g and getting 1.25 gb so in 1 min it reduces to 15 to 20 mb which didnot refucing .please tell me the trick to make it reduve slowly plz jelp me ……

  15. Plz tell me how to get 3g network in airtel …but not activate 3g plan by money only 3G network like vodafone and idea ..give 3G network only without 3g net pack in up east

  16. airtel customer care service is too bad , i faced one issue from the December stating till now they cant clear it . Am using air tel Tamil Nadu sim when i reach my native area(kerala) anyone called me they said number is not existing in many times, some particular numer can get calls , i complaint many times but they didn’t respond so i said airtel customer care is too bad

  17. Hello…. I am using an Airtel Sim…. And I dont get any Offers for Net… Offers in d sense the Offers given by d company.. Tell me what to do in dat case…..

  18. Airtel is big cheater… I recharged with cyber caff pack with Rs 5 but i am unable to use more that 5mb..they r giving 1hour unlimited free 2g internet but i can’t use.

    They are giving remaining time push massages and at that moment internet connection going death but showing data connection still on,,, and webpage showing “internet connection was reset”.. This massage airtel is giving after every 2min or 3min.. Also speed is most 3rd class ,, speed showing some time 2kb and sometome 5kb not more than..

    It’s mean you can’t download any thing and your money wasted..

    Airtel is big cheater.. Fraud company

    1. At Rs 5 airtel gives only 2G you can’t expect high speed internet, Which mobile you are using because there shouldn’t be any reason that disconnect internet on massage arrival.

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