AdGuard Review: Block All Types of Ads on Any Device


Nowadays it is impossible to surf the web, watch videos, or even run many apps without being assaulted by tons of ads. Not only can it get tedious having to keep on closing ads, but in some cases the ads may be difficult or close to impossible to close.

Instead of having to spend so much time handling ads that appear – what if you could just block them all? With AdGuard you will have a way to do just that, regardless of the device that you’re using.

“What Does AdGuard Do?”

Unlike normal ad-blockers that are basically simple browser extensions, AdGuard is a standalone app with versions for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Each version is slightly different, but they serve the same purpose: To shield your device from unwanted ads.

The main reason AdGuard is unique is because it doesn’t just prevent ads from being displayed, but rather actively filters them out and stops them before they are processed. That enables it to block ads far more effectively, and without being limited to the browser alone.


Key Features of AdGuard

To get a better idea of what AdGuard is capable of, there are several key features in all of its versions that you should know about and will help you to:

  • Block all types of ads including pop-ups, text ads, banners, video ads, and anything else by filtering them out completely. Effectively you shouldn’t see ads of any kind, as they will all be invisibly removed in the background.
  • Stop ads from being displayed within apps and software by cutting off the incoming traffic that apps require to display them. It will help you ensure ads aren’t displayed on any app, and block spyware that may be operating inside apps as well.
  • Protect your privacy by blocking third-party cookies, hiding your IP address, and using other methods to ensure trackers aren’t able to monitor your activities. It has a special spyware filter to identify analytical systems that is constantly kept up-to-date.
  • Ensure your safety when surfing the web by providing protection against phishing and other malicious websites. Every website will be checked against AdGuard’s own database to ensure it is safe to be accessed.
  • Customize the filters in AdGuard so that you have complete control over the ads that you want blocked or whitelisted. It can act as a parental control as well, so you can stop certain websites from being accessed.

If you want more information you may wish to check out the example at which will help compare its capabilities as a pop-up blocker for Safari.


At the end of the day AdGuard is the perfect solution if you want to be able to never see any other ads on any device. The fact that it is so powerful and yet incredibly user-friendly makes it definitely worth trying out, so that you can see for yourself how effectively it will be able to prevent ads from appearing.


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