13 Most Useful MS Excel Keyboard Shortcut

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Some most useful shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel recently i’m using then face some problem to every time go to long process and navigate to menu for any thing then I found some shortcuts to do that here are 13 Useful MS Excel Keyboard Shortcut you would like to use.

13 Most Useful MS Excel Keyboard Shortcut

If you have new shortcuts keys which are useful but not included into list then comment below the post, These MS Excel keyboard shortcut help you make easy everything.

Keyboard Shortcut Used For
Shift + F2 Add a Comment
Ctrl + F2 Print Preview
Ctrl + F3 Create a name
Ctrl + ; Insert Date
Ctrl + Shift + : Insert Time
F11 Open Chart
CTRL + ~ Use to expand cells and Display formula
Ctrl + D Copy or Fill Data from above
Ctrl + R Copy or Fill data From Right
Ctrl + Space Select entire column
Shift + Space Select entire Row
Ctrl + + Shift cell up or down, Entire row or column,


Video tutorial excel shortcut

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