10 Most Expensive Things Owned By North Korea’s Dictator King Jong-un

North Korea runs underneath the rule of only one highly effective man named Kim Jong Un. Following the dictatorship traditions within the nation, Kim Jong Un has the whole energy in his palms with close to to zero authority within the palms of the general public. He has the potential to do something which a standard man can’t. 

North Korea doesn’t have a pleasant relation with different international locations. However their chief owns among the most costly issues on this planet because of his cash and standing.

This text options the record of these ten costly issues North Korea’s chief Kim Jong owns. They’re as follows:


Kumsusan Palace of the Solar

The palace located within the northeastern nook of the town, named Pyongyang, is called the Kumsusan Palace of the Solar, and it belongs to none aside from Kim Jong himself. It’s the largest palace ever devoted to a communist chief, and this palace is also referred to as Kim II Sung Mausoleum. 

Ryugyong Lodge

A resort with a complete of 105 flooring named the Ryugyong Lodge is presently the world’s largest resort and is underneath the possession of the chief Kim himself. Its development started within the 12 months 1987 underneath Kim Jong Un’s grandfather Kim II Sung.

Air Drive

North Korean chief Kim Jong Un has an arsenal of practically 1,10,000 members and 940 plane, which includes of assault helicopters, ground-attack plane, fighter plane, and way more. He even has some crewless aerial automobiles together with protection techniques like SAM and Triple-A.

Masikryong Ski Resort (Masik)

Masikryong Ski Resort is on the Taehwa peak on the top of 1360 meters. It includes a complete of 120 rooms, with practically 5000 individuals visiting it day by day.

Thriller Cellular Cellphone

The rumor mills recommended that Kim makes use of an HTC cell phone, which hasn’t been confirmed proper to this point. All the conversations which Kim does on his thriller cellphone are wholly secured, which is the very best benefit of his cell.

Non-public Island

As per some sources, the island located on the coast of the nation is underneath Kim Jong Un’s possession, and a number of other US celebrities have reportedly visited it. 

Non-public Golf Programs

Being an ardent golfer, Kim owns a number of top-class golf programs in North Korea, that are often maintained by the government-appointed employees.

Navy Ships

Kim Jong has a substantial quantity of naval ships underneath his title, which he primarily makes use of for assaulting, destroying, and numerous different merciless works. These ships have created a part of concern within the minds of surrounding areas.

Piano Assortment

Aside from golf, Kim can also be a passionate musician, and piano is his major curiosity. He has 20 pianos inside his home, and he even performs a few of them day by day. In line with some sources, if something goes fallacious, then it’s thought of because the piano’s fault and never his.


Kim himself controls the assorted submarines which have been saved hidden underneath the Korean Peninsula. The situation has a complete of 4 former Soviet Whiskey class subs, 22 Chinese language Romeo Class subs, and numerous different constructed by DRPK.

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