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Magazine Style WordPress Theme


Magazine Style Theme is best WordPress style magazine theme for personal and business With full features SEO Optimize theme easily adapts on your mobile and desktop or any other device. Theme with lots of customization and connect social media like facebook, google+, twitter, pinterest, rss, skype, vimeo, dribbble, flickr, linkedin, youtube and Adsense ready It supports all the awesome WordPress features completely free theme works also for blogging.

Live Demo Download Free Version Buy Now $8 Only

SEO Optimized work with any Plugin.
Fast and Responsive theme with lots of customization
All Social Media Connect Options.
Compatible with all browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari all Latest Browsers.
It supports all the awesome WordPress features.
Best For Any Kind of Blog may Technology, Information, Product & much More.
Multiple Dropdown Menus
Powerful Theme Options Panel
Inbuilt Social Widget for Email Subscribe, Facebook like, Google Plus, Twitter Follow
Google Adsense Ready.
Fixed WordPress Style

Magazine Style Theme Option Panel Screenshot


designinfoUnique & Interactive Design

Theme comes with great design in looks and feel which increase user experience. Responsive style that widely used by mobile devices only premium version has allow you to control this feature Customize Background and header try different layout from control panel.


SEO Optimized & Fast Page Speed

It have all SEO (search engine optimization) features used proper H1 & H2 headline with light design which mean theme load fast for better result but always remember content is king. Also support Google+ publisher url in meta and website verification for Google and Bing.


Social Media Integration

This theme allow you to easily integrate any social media plugin or website also comes with social media follow buttons and share widget with count now get more share and likes to make site trust.

customfunCustom Functions and Features

Theme support all awesome WordPress features & some plugin functions like Breadcrumb, Social media, Page navigation, Post navigation, Edit footer Copyright text according to you these all and some other could be control via Theme Option Panel.

easusetupEasy to Setup with Advance option

Powerful Option Panel that Control theme functions like upload website logo, Favicon support , Custom widget control, Custom CSS styling, Ads management, look and feel of you theme.

Free Version Premium Version
Personal Customize Request No Yes
Custom Widgets No Yes
Responsive Control No Yes
Design Control No Yes
Website layout 1 2 or more
Footer Customize No Yes
SEO Ready Yes Yes, Fully
Meta Control No Yes
Price Free $8 for one $20 for all

Live Demo Download Free Version Buy Now $8 Only

License: Our Themes are 100% GPL


  • After Upload Paste Ads code in Magazine Theme option
  • Add Favicon URL to theme option 
  • Upload Logo Image in Appearance>  header
  • Theme allow you to add custom css vie panel
  • To add Social Media liken go to appearance > magazine option > then social media tab and put your URLs here  
  • If Any kinds of Error Occur like ‘Blank Page’ then First Disable all Plugin and Activate them one by one.
  • If you need help then post here

Questions & info:

  1. Show Thumbnail in Blog Post WordPress - to Show image in blog post and widgets
  2. Change Leave a reply Text in WordPress Comment Form - change name title of ” Leave a reply” to your own
  3. more soon..

Comments are Disable here for Support and Question post in Forum who are using free version then can find or post answer in WordPress Support Forum


  1. Rino says:

    I’m using this theme for grabbing site and I think this theme is very nice and charming. but my confusion to customize this theme with wp robot plugin, Could you help me?

  2. Sebastien133 says:

    Good theme, but how to translate it in french ?



  3. ryan says:

    Hi, really like the theme, thank you! Just one question – when I create a new post on my site, it shows up in the recent posts widget on the sidebar and has a thumbnail beside the post – how do you change this thumbnail please? It currently just shows a gray image with the words “no thumbnail”.

    Thanks a lot, keep up the good work!

  4. ryan says:

    Hi, Nice theme, thanks! I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to change the thumbnail images under the recent posts widget. Thanks. Please post the answer here, to help others with the same problem.

  5. Louise says:

    Hi Sandy, very nice theme thank you. Is there a possible way to put footer note and change the color ? Thanksl

    • sandy says:

      yes you can change color on Magazine Style WordPress in style.css easy way is use google chrome and Right Click on area which you want change then click Inspect Element after you done changes copy code and replace in style.css file then update !

  6. Lexa says:

    Hello Sandy,

    I was trying to create RSS Feed for my site using Magazine Style WordPress theme and I used Feedburner. How do I get a valid feed url?


  7. karlos says:

    hello there,

    can you optimize your theme for mobile platforms too?

    because on my google nexus 4,it looks very bad

    hoping this on next update

    Thank you

  8. jamez says:

    well done dude , i am using it on my blog , thanks a lot

  9. Flavia says:

    Hey there, i have just changed our theme into magazine-style. And now i have white sides when i try to log in. Nothings is possible! What can i do? Its urgent !!!

    Thanks for help

  10. cedric says:


    please can i get the french version of Magazine Style theme?

    thanks you.

  11. alex says:


    Congrats for the nice Theme. May I ask you how can I change the width of the template? I would like to try it a bit smaller than it is.


    • sandy says:

      first make backup then Open style.css in text editor and search for
      #page-inner {
      margin: 0 auto;
      width: 90%;
      position: relative;

      change width % here

  12. JBrannon says:

    Great theme! I would like to change the color of the menu bar (black) and the highlight color (red). Where can I do this?

    • sandy says:

      open Editor open style.css then Search for
      here you will find background: #333; change it as you want Also search for #navigation to change color of navigating sides background: #333;

  13. JBrannon says:

    Found them and am working on it now!! Great response time :)

  14. jeff says:

    How to remove the “Continue Reading” button and have full posts displayed on the front page?


  15. Mirek says:

    Great them. But I’m having difficultis showing navigation menu in theme.
    It showing empty space in header menu.
    At the bottom is black space, should be nav butons there.
    Can any one help me figure it out?

    • sandy says:

      Open theme header.php in theme editor > search for “seooptimized” and replace with “magazine” and save your file. theme will work prefect.

  16. Rita says:

    I updated today and now I have no menu. I go into Menus and add it in but nothing shows up at all. I deactivated plugins but nothing is working to get the menu to show. Can you help me please?

  17. ayyan says:

    Looks like an amazing theme, love your themes, please make any widget based theme. Hope you will consider this as a suggestion.

  18. Raad says:

    I am getting an error, Menu below header is not showing. All menu setting looks ok to me. howtotrends. com

    Please check it.

  19. g0bbled00k says:

    Nice template. How do I add a tracking code to the template?

  20. Manmohan says:

    I don’t want all the pages created and published to be on main navigation (I can use the link of that at some other place), please suggest how it can be done.

  21. Addie Aires says:

    I have installed this theme, but it is not working properly. Its showing a error message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /srv/disk11/1168099/www/ on line 11″ .

    Home page is perfect. After login unable to post, showing the error message…….help me

  22. Simone says:

    Hi, your theme is nice but when i try to add a page it doesn’t display to me in the bar under the logo. I can’t watch it. It seems as if doesn’t exist.
    How can i solve this problem?
    I’m using magazine-style.1.3.2

  23. djieout says:

    i like this theme so much,, i use the 1.3.2 version and do a little change there. i change the widht to 70% all but when appear on square monitor or cellphone browser the page didn’t same widht with header and page navigation. can you solve that?
    and i want to add a page navigation on top of social media button at header, it is possible?
    thank you before

  24. djieout says:

    thank you very much it’s working.

    Now i have other problem, on home page the latest post is not showing description, only the title and the thumbnail and read more box,, ohow can it be? for better view you can check my sites

  25. djieout says:

    i do, but when i make another post the newest one become like that and the older that not have the decription is start appear the description,,,

  26. Hi.
    The firt, thank for sharing nice theme. I use that for my blog:
    I have problem. I replace logo default (header image) => SEO is ok. H1, H2 full. But I insert logo => not H1 and H2.
    How can I do ?
    Please help me.

    • sandy says:

      In Header remove image then your site title and desc. show that will be H1 and H2 not image ! also don’t focus over optimize you may get penalty from Google if you still want do then in header.php find

      < ?php if ( get_header_image() != '' ) : ?>

      and place h1 before here and end tag of place after this code < ?php if ( !get_header_image() ) : ?>

      also note h1 tag for home is good but if open you post then there already h1 tag present for post title

  27. Yes. I replace on localhost and 2 tag h2. I think I remove logo.
    Thanks for nice theme.

  28. balaji says:

    how to remove footer area there no code is looking to remove footer area i want to remove powered by wordpress.and magazine stype theme

  29. Scott Parks says:

    I LOVE this THEME, and I’m unable to DONATE because I am in the US. I tried my Credit Card (Mastercard) and Paypal, and I even tried switching my country to India and no luck. Any ideas?

    2 things I was hoping to get, and not sure if I’m able to now, and can’t find the settings.

    I’d like to add a 3rd column for all pages (in particular, I’d like a left column for advertising.
    I can’t seem to find any settings for MOBILE (I get the full site on my phone). Any direction is greatly appreciated.

    Great work, I love IT and I hope I don’t have to switch.

    Thanks again,


    • sandy says:

      Hi scott both of your requirement will be done

      First 3 column could be add easily and Second about mobile version i already done just wait for next version release !

  30. Vivek Sharma says:

    I was searching for a wonderful theme all around the web but it was within the website. Thanx for such a great change.

  31. Kaylyn Wright says:

    Hi! I really love this theme, but wanted to let you know I had a little issue.

    The area that says Check the box to show social sites Follows buttons in Sidebar did not allow me to check the actual box. I finally by accident clicked on the phrase and the box high lighted. I tried checking the box in multiple browsers and on different computers, but it kept highlighting custom CSS on the left.

    Super excited to use this layout!

    • sandy says:

      Actually i don’t see problem in my side but still wanted know and see what exactly happening do you have screenshot or problem detail

  32. Kaylyn Wright says:

    image Okay, hopefully that link works. So basically when I attempt to click the actual box (in multiple browsers, and on different computers), it would highlight the Custom CSS tab and extend the highlighted portion on top of the box. Now, I was able to click the text that reads Check the box to show… and *that* selected the box. But if I hadn’t clicked the text by accident, I would not have known I could check the box.

    • sandy says:

      Navigate to magazine style > theme dir > function > CSS > then open admin-style.css and search for .nav-tab-wrapper and here add new line overflow: hidden; and change width :174px to width:20%;
      Change Code of whole admin-style.css with this

  33. help me says:

    I would like to join in the navigation menu bar, search box, what to do, I did not find your topic

  34. Stephanie says:


    I am currently using your free theme. Can you please direct me to your premium theme? Thank you.

    • sandy says:

      You can use donation button in your theme panel adjust amount according to your expectation from me ? I will send you premium upgraded version of Magazine style theme !

  35. Stephanie says:


    Thank you for responding to me. I was just in my theme panel and I don’t have a donate button! :(

  36. Hi. I edit theme for SEO and please help me to insert google analytics. I insert to file header.php but fail.

  37. Kerry says:

    Hello Sandeep,
    Congratulations for great theme and thanks for sharing it for free. I am using this to my blog , I just want to know that how show categories in navigation menu like pages. please advice.

  38. Vince says:

    Hi Sandy, nice theme my friend. I have it set up on my new site and love it so far. My question is, is there a easy way to make the first post show full article? I have a sticky welcome post that I would like to show full length keeping the rest as excerpts.


  39. ChainKiller says:

    How to remove the effect on hovered images?

  40. Vince says:

    Sandy, no way to make first post show full text?

  41. i am also using Magazine Style. its really Nice. Congratulation.!! You can check my website Thank you.!!

  42. India Vision Care says:

    i am also using this themes and its looking really Nice. Really Nice work man. Well Done.!! But i want to tell you one thing that this themes is not looking good in Mobile, TAB, and Safari. So Can you help me on to that.?? you can go here on to my website check it. Thank you.!!

    • sandy says:

      Firstly please don’t remove footer credit link ! You can purchase premium and customize footer according to you ! also i can customize look for mobile only in premium theme. You can also enable or disable responsive behavior !

  43. John Hawk says:

    Thanks for your them,
    That’s greats

  44. OBloggueiro says:

    Good afternoon.
    I decided to try the theme Magazine Style on my website, I’m enjoying the changes I can make that theme. But I’m having trouble some modifications. When I installed and activated the theme in a Widget sidebar appeared with the title Latest, how do I remove this widget?
    I’m trying to add to footer.php these 2 codes below to make them visible in the site footer.

    Code 1;

    Copyright 2013 © O Bloggueiro All rights reserved.

    Code 2;

    Política de Privacidade

    I’ve tried to apply these codes but are not visible on the site, how can I solve the problems mentioned?

  45. Kerry Tiwana says:

    Hello friend,
    thanks for giving us nice theme for free. please let me know the exact featured image size for this theme, because my featured image thumbnails not showing in same size.

  46. vinod says:

    hi bro when i update this theme my facebook like box gone on side bar widgets ? how to get this

    also i want to know what is the exact size for logo for this theme ?

  47. Vince says:

    Hello, since the last theme upgrade, my RSS is no longer working. I get:

    XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
    Location: http://mysite/feed/
    Line Number 2, Column 1:

    Do you know how to fix this?

    Also, what is included in the purchased version over the free? $8 is not bad for extras :)

  48. Vincent says:

    Thank you Sandy, worked great. I went ahead and purchased your theme to support your efforts. Well worth $8 :)


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