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If you have any kind of unlocked dongle or data card and don’t want to unlock it then Then You Can’t use any SIM without unlocking the modem. It simple we have to access it network area with Nokia tools but using modem software then it show network lock or any thing. 

Step by step instruction:

1. Insert SIM in Modem




2. Modem show invalid SIM, just ignore it and close modem software.

3. Start NOKIA PC suite.

4. Goto nokia pc suite connect to internet option.


Goto nokia pc suite connect to internet option.

nokia pc suite


5. Goto Configure. Select your data card modem,and make all operator apn setting as like when we use nokia mobile connection.

Goto Configure. Select your data card modem

Goto Configure


6. Finish set up.

7. Now connect to internet through PC suite.

Now connect to internet through PC suite.

connect to internet


8. Wow your net is connected without unlocking the modem.

Download nokia pc suite special from official website Here

I Will Upload File For All types of modem u give the currect name in comment section (only if when ur modem is not works or not shown in pc suit) . Download , extract and pest it in Following Directory :

C:Program FilesNokiaConnectivity Cable Driver    

Folder And Restart Pc And Plug In Modem With Any Sim Card And Now U See Ur Modem At Nokia Pc Suite

Huawei EG602 Modem Dashboard Unlocking Software

Huawei UMG 1831 Modem Unlocking Software


Use CDMA with CDMA SIM and GSM with GSM Sim

If you modem Not supported then DOWNLOAD EXTRACT AND PEST IT IN

You need file for these modem:

  • ZTE AC2766
  • HUAWEI EC156
  • HUAWEI EC 122
  • Huawei ec150
  • HUAWEI E1732
  • HUAWEI E367


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100 thoughts on “Use SIM in Any Modem Without Unlocking

  1. ghouse says:

    i need a extract for EC156 modem send it to my email id.

  2. kevin says:

    hi, if we i do this way will i be able to use any sim on that modem., and also could you pls send a extract for ec156 pls.,., thanks for the post

    1. sandy says:

      This is a trick try hope it work for you !

      1. Abhi says:

        i want files for huawei ec156

          1. pradeep bansal says:

            can i use a CDMA simcard in GSM dongle i.e. in airtel 3G DATA CARD. ?

          2. sandy says:

            No you can’t use because hardware and band is diff. ! you need multi mode dongle for it

  3. MSGH says:


    Please send me detail or software to unlock tata photon Plus (Huawaei EC156)..

    Help is appreciated


    1. yash says:

      please,send me configurations or software for tata docomo photon+(huawei ec156)

  4. piyush says:

    please provide the extract for huawei ec156 modem, your download link no longer works.

  5. Neil says:

    Download link not working. Please repost/send link to my e-mail

    Thanks in Advance

    1. sandy says:

      that simply driver file search on google for it actually these file also deleted by me !

  6. john says:

    hi i have a vodafone zte k4505-Z dongle it is unlocked supports both vodafone and airtel sim cards but when i contacted mts they said it will not support mts cards because mts is cdma and my dongle is gsm so can i operate a cdma simcard in my unlocked gsm dongle

    1. sandy says:

      no that’s diff hardware version !

  7. john says:

    thank you are there any dongles that support both gsm and cdma simcards so that i can use mts or vodafone or tata on the same dongle
    please give me an examples of such dongles
    preferably good speed dongle thanks once again

    1. sandy says:

      Yes there are many But my advice buy this Huawei E392 it’s also know as Airtel 4G LTE it support 2G, 3G, 4G and also GSM/CDMA with 100 mbps speed it’s future buy that & Enjoy
      other EVDO HTF859 High Speed USB GSM CDMA Dual Modem ony 3.6mbps

      1. Nitin says:

        Hi Sandy. pls suggest the method to crack airtel 4g dongle e392 so I can use CDMA sim in it

        1. sandy says:

          I think this dongle is GSM supported so you might not use CDMA band on it.

  8. moyej says:

    Your provided link for these modem
    Here is file for these modem: ZTE AC2766 HUAWEI EC156 HUAWEI EC 122 Huawei ec150 HUAWEI E1732

    data doesn’t work.. the link has removed or broken… would you please provide anther link in medifire..?? my modem model is HUAWEI EC 122

  9. Vaido says:

    Hi there! i need a extract for Huawey e173u-1, Thank you.

    1. sandy says:

      Then try this method just install driver or modem default program and follow above steps.

  10. Shyam Kumar says:

    Sir Please send me ac2766 model files. Because your lik is dead.

  11. sunny says:

    hello sir plz give me toturial for unlocking EC156 (tata photon plus)

  12. anvesh says:

    i have been using mts (cdma) dongle since long back but now MTS network is no more providing services in our state(ANDHRA PRADESH)… PLEASE HELP ME IF I CAN use it for other cdma sims i.e, reliance or tata indicom… actually there is a sim card slot for it but people at unlocking centre say cdma modems cannot be unlocked… Is dat true pls help

    1. sandy says:

      May be it can be unlock whis is your modem model no ? but it’s hart to unlock may be dc unlocker work !

  13. Rajesh says:

    Please provide the extract for huawei EC156 modem,

    Read more at:

    eMail: *********

  14. Rajesh says:

    I need a extract for EC156 modem Please send it to my email id.

  15. Rajesh says:

    I need a extract for ZTE AC2746.
    Please send it.

    Thank you.

  16. Sumit says:

    hi…..I have installed nokia pc suite and also it has detected my huawei ec156 now i have inserted my airtel gsm sim in it and selected airtel network …but is is just trying to connect but not connecting…………..stuck at one place….!!! can anyone plz help what to do…???

    1. sandy says:

      Check Airtel settings in both Pc suite and modem !

  17. The rocker says:

    Hey I have a micromaax CDMA modem MMX250C.
    Not able to use it anyway since long.
    Help me up on how to use it.
    With any simcard.

  18. Adarsh says:

    hey sandy tell me that which sim i should use in may huawei ec122 GSM or CDMA
    i tried wid GSM nokia pc suite is showing msg that “failed to connect wid this device”
    rply plz…….i’

    1. sandy says:

      i think it’s CDMA Data Card so try CDMA sim card install all driver & software my advice first you should try this trick with working sim card !

  19. krish says:

    hi i had done what u explained above, everything is fine but not able to connect what will be the next process( i selected airtel india option also) plz advice

    1. sandy says:

      Listen this is method works with some modems i have tried this trick i used and connect internet with modem default when every thing done and run fine i used used pc suite vie above method so may it work for you i can say just keep trying !

  20. abhisihek kushwaha says:

    my vodafone mobiel broadband model k3770-z is not working because i give someone to break my modem pasword but after it is not working and after connecting it gives a message to the driver is not uninstll . please give me suggestion.

    1. sandy says:

      Have Tried this into other computer’s and uninstall modem and restart pc install agin after that if problem sill same then try update firmware or download drivers online may be it resolve you problem !

  21. vipinlal says:

    Please provide the extract for huawei EC156 modem.

  22. Balaji says:

    In this above way my modem doesn’t connect through internet My modem Model is Huawei EC 150 wat can i do to work……..

  23. Tejas says:

    Please provide the extract for zte ac2766 modem.there is no file in link to download

  24. Manzoor ul Ahad says:

    Please mail me the file for EC156 modem…..

  25. Lakshmikanth says:

    I need a extract for EC156 modem Please send it to my email id.

  26. Arun says:


    Please send me detail or software to unlock in GSM Moad MTS Model no.AC2766,PID.C,ESN.S/N.

    Help is appreciated


  27. Anuraag says:

    After unlocking my data card dashboard shows no UIM found or invalid UIM. Pl help.

  28. anand says:

    i have flash and unlock code for EC150 huawei
    but i dont have the application to unlock dongle and update firmware
    please help na sir,………

  29. RAJ says:


  30. habibudden says:

    how to unlock huawei EC1261-2 dual modem

  31. chandu says:

    my tata docomo photon plus 2g is saying that invalid uim what shall i do

    1. Naresh says:

      dude same problem .. did you find any way ..

  32. john vallado says:

    E173Bu-1 want the extract so tat i can use my idea sim to work on this Airtel dongal,,,,
    thank you

  33. vish says:

    kya me mts ki sim chla sakta hu..
    micromex ke dongal me…

  34. suresh says:

    please,send me configurations or software for tata docomo photon+(huawei ec156)

  35. Haridas says:

    i have TATA Indicom CDMA 1X USB Modem, pl advise how to use with BSNL sim for internet

    1. sandy says:

      you can’t use GSM sim card into a CDMA modem

      1. wasii says:

        sandy will u able send the link for unlocking EC153 broadband firmware

  36. Haridas says:

    “you can’t use GSM sim card into a CDMA modem” if so pl suggest suitable SIM card

  37. Haridas says:

    Modem -TATA Indicom CDMA 1x USB Modem
    pl upload file for above modem

  38. Haridas says:

    pl upload file for Modem -TATA Indicom CDMA 1x USB Modem

    1. sandy says:

      I will try !

      1. Haridas says:

        waiting for ur reply pl

  39. ajay says:

    i want the extract for huawei EC156.

  40. JITU says:

    dear sir pls provide me a screenshot of MTS ac 8720 use reliance CDMA connect ..thnx.

  41. Yogesh says:

    I want to unlock my MTS data huawei EC 315 data card to use other sim card .pl help me

  42. Haridas says:

    pl upload file for Modem -TATA Indicom CDMA 1x USB Modem
    waiting for ur helprea


  43. Haridas says:

    waiting for reply to my query dt 27 Aug 14

  44. anil says:

    hi.. I have installed nokia pc suite but it’s not detecting my EC156 huawei modem.. please can any one help…

  45. anil says:

    my nokia pc suite detected my EC156 MODEM but it is not connected to the internet..
    it displayed as \ failed to establish a network connection\.

    1. anil says:

      can any one help me to solve this…

  46. Did it Support GSM Sims In CDMA Modems Like Tata Photon and MBlaze?

  47. Do u know to change the password of administrator with command prompt, without knowing his/her password …

  48. Akash Garg says:

    I have MTS mblaze ultra wifi Huawei EC 315
    Can we unlock it so that it can be used on more than 5 PC through Wifi?

    And can we increase MTS internet speed to maximum… at present it i 9.8 MBPS but want it to increase it to 14 MBPS…

    Does it harm the modem? Is it reversible process ?

  49. Alfred says:

    I was wondering whether I can unlock my Huawei EC156 CDMA modem so that it can accomodate a GSM SIM card. Thanks.

  50. fredy says:

    please give me extract for E173u-1

  51. Sonu says:

    kindly send me the files for Huawei EC150 to my mail ID


  52. Amol says:

    Dear Sir,
    Im using Tata Docomo Photon plus AC2787HSIA modem,
    want to unlock, can I use GSM sim in it?

  53. Naresh says:

    i have unlock my tata photon + but uim sim has not detected or invalid ..this msg displayed..wat can i do

  54. Sonu says:

    and what to put in configuration dialog box for CDMA SIM
    TATA and RIM

    APN -?

    waiting for u r reply

  55. lipu says:

    dear sandy can i use a cdma sim in gsm data card?

    1. sandy says:

      Actually it depend on hardware if there is any hardware support for CDMA Band then no problem with software but i think there is no support for this.

  56. arjun says:

    Thank u buddy for the help

    i require file for HUAWEI EC315



  57. palash says:

    hi! i want files for my huawei ec156.please send it to me on my e-mail id .

  58. Sarafat Hossasin says:

    Can I use My mts mmx250c CDMA modem in this proses. because my modem show min loked.

  59. sunil chaudhary says:

    Sir I want to use “Use SIM in Any Modem Without Unlocking” technique in TATA DOCOMO PHOTON+ EC156. Please send extract file for this model on my email ID.

  60. venkat says:

    sir plz tell me

    I have etell evdo cdma modem. I have virgin cdma sim.How to unlock and insert in this sim?

  61. shubham teotia says:

    i am having a tata indicom CDMA 1*USB modem tell me how i should use a airtle sim and how i unlock it .

  62. pista says:

    please give details how to unlock ec150 cdma

  63. haywhy says:

    You sounds very unique & intelligent. Pls,send me software for tracking my phone & numbers to my email. U are good,pls keep it up & I hope to come across people like you someday for tutorial. Love you!

  64. mohammadirfan says:

    Please send me the file for ec 150

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