Foundation 6 Responsive Menu Walker for WordPress

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Foundation 6 is great framework for every developer, Now we can work on many things we want without worrying about responsiveness because foundation have everything today we try dropdown foundation 6 responsive menu walker for WordPress theme. Recently I write tutorial about Off-canvas menu in foundation 6 you can read it. with this increase more flexibility.

foundation 6 responsive menu
Foundation 6 Responsive Menu for WordPress

First you need to register a menu in function:

Foundation 6 Responsive Menu Walker Class

Include menu call in your file:

Now call menu mainly used header file, This is drill dropdown menu from foundation 6 you can read more about here. Foundation 6 responsive menu have more function and class try them all. Currently problem I’m facing on mobile device is link click on parent menu if there is submenu.

I’m using this on some of my theme you can check them here they have free version as well. Apart from this if any suggestion in your mind about Foundation 6 Responsive Menu please let us know and comment below.

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